Friday, June 11, 2010

Our sweet miracle

Side view

This is a view from the back. You can see the spine, a little head, arm and look at those long legs!!

Yesterday my heart grew even bigger after seeing my sweet baby in the ultrasound. It's just something you can't prepare for. The emotions are so overwhelming. I had a friend watch Audrey and Steve was able to come to the appointment with me.

The ultrasound tech said everything looks great! The baby is 9 weeks and 5 days old. The ultrasound was scheduled because I was unsure of the dates but I guessed I was exactly that much along :) The baby's heartbeat was 162 per minute. I was blown away by how much we were able to see in the pictures with the baby being only 4 centimeters long!! And we actually saw it move its arm!! Steve immediately said he thought it was a boy and the tech played along. She pointed out the head, arms, legs, feet then she said, "And there's the penis!" She caught Steve by surprise :) She said the baby was much too small to predict the sex this early on. So we will wait, I'm guessing my next ultrasound will be sometime in August!

And now for a praise report!! I am feeling so much better! Definitely not back to normal yet but I'm on my way! I haven't thrown up in 3 days which is huge!! I'm still not able to eat a whole lot at this point but I'm trying to slowly introduce food back into my diet. I have been flooded by encouragement and have felt such love and care from so many!! It's so wonderful to have so many friends and family praying to the Father on our behalf!! THANK YOU!!

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