Sunday, May 25, 2008

One month

For all you avid readers (Em and Eva :)) I apologize for the update delay. I sat down to upload some pictures the other day and the camera cord was acting up. ANYWAY, we are all doing well! The days seem to be slipping through my hands, Audrey was ONE MONTH last Thursday! I can't even believe it!
For the most part, she's eating and sleeping really well. I found out the hard way that I can't drink regular coffee. There were a couple days last week where she would only take 10 minute naps! She just couldn't get comfortable, I knew something was bothering her and I finally put two and two together. 2 huge cups of coffee the first day and 2 huge cups the second, that caused the problem for sure! I'm sticking with decaf for awhile, those were 2 very long days! She seems to be putting on weight, I'm anxious to see how much, her next Dr. appointment is this coming Thursday. She's been sleeping in her crib for about 2 weeks now, she's doing great! She actually slept a 6 hour stretch 2 nights in a row!!! AMAZING! We just started putting her in her crib while awake, to have her learn to put herself to sleep instead of needing to be rocked or held. Some times are smoother than others but I know she's making progress. It's easy to tell when she's sleepy so she usually knocks out pretty quickly.
I had my 4 week check up this last week and everything looks good. I'm looking forward to doing some exercise, especially since the weather is so wonderful! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend!

Peaceful sleep
I'm wearing my favorite new outfit that my Auntie Katie sent me. Warm and cozy, my favorite way to be!!I totally dig my bouncy seat!Lounging on the deckOh NOOOO! Not bath day! I think Mom should just leave me dirty! I'm going to kick out of this thing very soon!MOM! Why did you do this to me!? And WHY are you taking pictures when I'm making it perfectly clear I am entirely unhappy!?I'm on my way to being warm and happy but I'm not quite thereThis bath thing is a breeze!Audrey loves Daddy Time and so does Daddy :)This is my favorite so far! WIDE AWAKE!And more feet, because I love them so!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keeping busy!

Audrey is 19 days old today! I haven't updated the blog in awhile, she sure does keep us busy! She's been so much more alert this last week or so. She loves to sleep during the day and not as much during the night. The pediatrician said she shouldn't sleep more than 4 hours at a time, we can start putting her on a sleep schedule around 6-8 weeks. She does have a new bouncy chair from her Gramma Sandi that vibrates and she LOVES taking naps in there. Too bad her bed doesn't vibrate :)
She went to the pediatrician last Thursday. She was 8lbs 9oz! So she lost 7oz after being born then gained 16 oz back! I'm sure she weighs even more now! Her measurements for height, weight and head are all right at 75%. I think her arms and legs are so long, just like her daddy's!
We want to thank everyone for all the dinners that were prepared and the care that has been shown to us since Audrey's arrival. We feel your love and prayers each and every day!
Here are some pictures to enjoy! More to come soon!

Here I am going on my first real walk! 10 days old
Here's my dad pushing me in my sweet ride, he sure is proud of me! I get the best "Blue Steel" award!Photo shoot with DadCan we be done now?!I try to stay busy while Mom takes a showerI make Mommy tiredDad and I are pooped too!Holding on to the Mom for dear life! I do this mostly when I eat Surprise! I'm awake! Peaceful and warm after a bath, kinda got a mohawk going on :)More toesies

Thursday, May 1, 2008

One week old!!!

Going home!

Here's a little update on what little Audrey has been up to. She's quite the little personality, we just adore her! She's already a week old already! I can't even believe it! She does have a bit of jaundice, we've been to the pediatrician 3 times this week, they need to keep checking the jaundice levels. The Dr. we had today informed us that there is jaundice caused from breastfeeding, which I did not know and the other Dr. failed to inform us. She said to keep doing what we are doing. Her skin looks normal but the whites of her eyes look yellow. But otherwise, she's doing great! She's gained 4oz in 2 days! What a piggy! And she's a poop machine! She sleeps great and is very alert when she's awake, she smiles like crazy! We're so glad she's finally here!

We made it!Stella checking things out
Am I still in the womb?
Sleepy time
So big!
Cozy warm
Mommy and Audrey