Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keeping busy!

Audrey is 19 days old today! I haven't updated the blog in awhile, she sure does keep us busy! She's been so much more alert this last week or so. She loves to sleep during the day and not as much during the night. The pediatrician said she shouldn't sleep more than 4 hours at a time, we can start putting her on a sleep schedule around 6-8 weeks. She does have a new bouncy chair from her Gramma Sandi that vibrates and she LOVES taking naps in there. Too bad her bed doesn't vibrate :)
She went to the pediatrician last Thursday. She was 8lbs 9oz! So she lost 7oz after being born then gained 16 oz back! I'm sure she weighs even more now! Her measurements for height, weight and head are all right at 75%. I think her arms and legs are so long, just like her daddy's!
We want to thank everyone for all the dinners that were prepared and the care that has been shown to us since Audrey's arrival. We feel your love and prayers each and every day!
Here are some pictures to enjoy! More to come soon!

Here I am going on my first real walk! 10 days old
Here's my dad pushing me in my sweet ride, he sure is proud of me! I get the best "Blue Steel" award!Photo shoot with DadCan we be done now?!I try to stay busy while Mom takes a showerI make Mommy tiredDad and I are pooped too!Holding on to the Mom for dear life! I do this mostly when I eat Surprise! I'm awake! Peaceful and warm after a bath, kinda got a mohawk going on :)More toesies


Robin said...

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!!! I can't wait till I can hold her! I guess I have to wait until the "new" wears off!!! Maybe not...I may just come and steal her away for a few minutes next week!!!

Anne said...

Dena, she is so adorable! I am glad things are going so well:) I'm excited to come peak at her at church!

kendra said...

after seeing his face on Sunday... i didn't want to steal her quite yet... hehe

I LOVE LOVE the Blue Steel one!

Campbell said...

We demand more updates!

affectionately, Em and Eva