Friday, September 18, 2009

Storage solutions

Most of you have been in my house and know the lay out of my kitchen area. Since living here, I haven't found a good storage solution for our mail, papers, junk that you come home with, etc. We have that big island-like counter where all the stuff collects and it drives me crazy! I've tried baskets to just throw everything in. I've tried sorting everything before I got to bed or right after I wake up but it seems as though it's just never tidy. I've even shoved everything in a drawer and pretended it wasn't there. (but it bothered me because I knew it was :) So I would love some suggestions on what you all do and if you've found a system that works. I'm limited because our kitchen is small. There's very little counter space. Can't wait to hear some of your ideas!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gearing up for Fall

I told a friend yesterday that this is the first year I'm actually really excited for Fall. I think most years I just concentrate on being sad Summer is over and try not to pay any attention to the leaves on the ground and the cooler days. But this year it's different. I am enjoying the cooler weather, by cooler I mean low 80's :) I wish it could be like this every day! And last week we slept with the windows open, that was some good sleep!
And more so this year than any other year, Fall is inspiring me to be more creative. I don't necessarily want or am able to buy new things, I want to see how I can decorate using the things I already have. I have 3 very small little projects under my belt thus far and we'll see what else I can come up with. I welcome any ideas you all have!!
Ok, on to my first project. I did this one yesterday. Some of you may remember the little blueish-teal picture frames we had hanging near our fireplace with mine and Steve's pictures in them. I painted them right after we got married. I took them down about 6 months ago and have wanted to find some way I could use the frames again. I always see this project on a ton of websites around Fall but have never tried it so I gave it a whirl.

I repainted the frames, distressed them with a stick pin while they were wet, (but you can do that when they are dry too) picked out some scrapbook paper for the background and stuck in the leaves I had pressed the week before.

I placed them above the shelf we have by the front door. I think they look pretty cute.

I noticed after taking this that our selection of outerwear is looking kinda Springy. Almost time to get the scarves and mittens out!

On to my next project which I did last night and this morning. I was inspired after taking a tour of a vineyard while in Williamsburg, VA last weekend while visiting the in-laws. They had one of these for sale for like $30 or something ridiculous. And of course I thought, "Hey! I can do that!" And so I did! Note: these corks were saved over a 3 year period :) We originally just stored them in a wine carafe but they look so much happier framed!

They found the perfect home in our kitchen

This isn't really a "project" per se. This little wrought iron N hook I found at Hobby Lobby last week for $4. Since it's heavy, I needed to hammer in those plastic thingies first to make sure the hook didn't get ripped off the wall. Then I screwed the screws in using the handy dandy electric drill. I felt pretty successful since I completed this small task, hook lined up straight the first time!!

And of course I couldn't complete the post without some pictures of my little spark plug!! Here she is putting on her rain boots.

Ok, this one is kinda random. I got this cradle for Audrey at the Salvation Army yesterday. I think it's just too cute!! But I'm debating painting it. It's going to be her Christmas present. Any suggestions/opinions on what I should do? Paint or leave it?

Here she is giving the leaf a taste :) I'm amazed at how many leaves have fallen from the tree in our backyard already! I feel like the last few years it's been well into October when the leaves fall. Oh and for those of you that don't know, Audrey finally took her first steps last week!! Video to come soon!

And here are my two loves, watching Saturday morning cartoons. I love them so!! Happy Fall Y'all!!