Friday, March 13, 2009


We've been BUSY lately! Spring has prompted us to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather! Last week, Audrey and I went to the park with some fellow mommies and friends. I didn't bother to put sunscreen on her and she got her little face and nose burned from being in the swing for 10 minutes! The poor little thing actually peeled a little a day or so later. I learned my lesson on that one! She's got super fair skin!
Then this week, a guy came by to fix both of our cars. Steve took the day off, thinking it would be a whole day ordeal. Steve wanted to learn more about cars so he actually showed Steve how to change the brake pads on his car so he'll be able to do it himself next time. And we were told by two different people that I needed new wheel barrings but it ended up I just needed some steering fluid!!! Funny BUT AWESOME! It would have been close to $200 and ended up being only $30! He did an oil change and some other minor stuff as well. If anyone needs their car fixed, this guy really did a great job and he was super nice. We have his business card if you're interested! And did I mention, he'll fix it AT YOUR HOUSE!? Pretty cool. So anyway, he got done in two hours and Steve had thought he'd need the whole day so we had from noon on to do what we wanted! So what else would we do but GO TO IKEA!!! And boy did we have a blast! We had a quick lunch on a white leather sofa which was pretty poshlike :) and we got some cute pictures of Audrey sitting on a cow stool. She also got a taste of frozen yogurt for the first time! She wasn't disappointed :)
We also cleaned the deck off the other day and swept all the leaves off so Audrey could crawl around. It's like a whole new added space where I know we'll be spending lots of time this summer! Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day. Audrey Lane would like to play....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spaghetti Snow Princess

Wheeeew! This post is going to contain A LOT of pictures! I apologize for all of you that see duplicates of some of these on Facebook. It's easier to upload pictures there but I still want to try to keep the blog updated as well for my family's sake.
So, of course I had to post the snow pictures again! Steve was able to stay home Monday due to the 3-4 inches we got Sunday night but he had to work from home so he didn't get the day off. But we went outside as a family after breakfast and enjoyed the snow a bit. Ok, I'll be honest. We only stayed out long enough to take some pictures :) Audrey's still a bit too small to really enjoy the snow. It was a bit cold out too so we didn't last long.
Audrey has been in serious discovery mode lately! She's like a tiny whirlwind that leaves destruction in her path! I don't pick up the house until right before Steve gets home, if I did, I'd be cleaning all day long! But she's having fun and learning lots! She enjoys playing with things that are not her toys best; board game boxes, TV remote, her car seat, etc. She claps her hands like a pro now, "dances" which is actually moving her head from side to side, making big giggles when tickled. She's learned who Daddy and Stella are, she looks around for them when I ask her where they are. She's still not pulling up to stand on her feet but is content on her knees to get a better look at things. She will stand for about 30 seconds if we put her in a standing position but then whines to get down. She pretty much eats whatever we eat, including her new favorite, spaghetti. The pictures below explain it all...
And yesterday, I tried on her swimsuits to see if they will fit for the summer. I also tried on a little ballerina princess onesie with a tutu attached. See those pictures below. One of her other favorite things to do is pull all her books out of her bin in her room which results in a big ol' mess :) But she sure has fun!!

I just threw this one in because it was too cute not to!