Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Baby update and prayer request

Well, I know this update is WELL over due. I found out last Monday that I am about 6 weeks pregnant. The doctor said my uterus was a bit bigger than it should be, so I had to get an ultrasound and an internal exam. As far as I could tell, everything seemed normal. They were saying they think I'm farther along because my uterus was bigger than normal. I had some blood work done then and the nurse called me back today and said that my hormones were pretty low and I need to go back and get more blood drawn so they can retest my hormones now. It'll be 9 days since I was last tested. It's hard because I'm not sure if all of this is normal or not. I have lots of books I can read, but so far, a lot of what I've read is not similar to what I'm experiencing. This week I've started getting a bit more tired, which is expected. But I haven't really had an appetite, I don't get sick to my stomach after I eat, but a bit uneasy feeling. My lower back has been hurting since last week, sometimes more pain than other times. I don't really know if the doctor's office is not telling me some things or if they are being completely honest with me. My prayer request is this: that God would really draw me close and give me strength and comfort in this time. My pain and discomfort has really been minimal compared to what it could be. I'm very unclear about this whole process, I am just trying to trust the Lord in this challenging time. I know God is full of grace and He has blessed us with a little tiny baby. We are so thankful! I pray that the Lord would take away my worries and help to put my complete trust in Him! Also, that we would be ok in whatever happens, on know this is all part of God's plan, no matter what the outcome is. I'll give you all an update whenever I have one, I would assume sometime next week, since the blood test takes awhile to get back. I have another appointment and ultrasound scheduled for September 10th. Thank you for your prayers in advance! We really appreciate all the love and support from our dear friends and family.

Visiting with the Flaums

We went to go visit the family I used to work for this last Sunday. We had such a nice time with them, I love when I get to see them! They're getting so big! Unfortunately, they're going to be moving back to Colorado soon.

What a brave little guy! He's in that little boat by himelf, getting pulled by a jet ski!

Porter getting off the boat

Melina trying really hard to get her life jacket on. Errr!

There he goes, he had a ball!

Getting ready to ride for the first time!

Stella's in heat

Stella went into heat last Friday. We've had to keep her in the kitchen most of the time. We made her a little diaper from some baby bloomers. They are elastic so they stay on well, we just had to cut a hole for her tail. Isn't she cute?! We're planning on getting her fixed once she's done, no babies for Stella.

Stella's "diaper". It's a corduroy bottom, meant for a baby.

Sarah and Mike got married!

At the reception

The old roomies unite

Steve's first student

Steve sold one of his guitars to my dear friend Stephanie. Steve was trying to show her a few notes.It's much harder than it looks!

The Blackburn's visit

We had a rummage sale a could weekends ago. CJ, Avery and Eileen came over to help prepare.

Christopher and Steve shave Toby

Hanging with the Lukavsky kids

Jared taking care of Stella

We had a blast watching the Lukavsky kids part of the time that Julie and Mike were away on the Caregroup Leader's retreat.

Party for Tim and Heidi

Here' s some of the guests, including the guests of honor.

We had a welcome party for Steve's sister Heidi and her boyfriend Tim the 3rd week in July, here's my friend Steph and I getting things ready

Let's play ball! (Or just watch)

Here's a few pictures we took when we were at the Intimidators baseball game with Brandon and Priscilla. I believe that was the end of July, where has the time gone?!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm PREGNANT!!! Due date as of now is April 20th, 2008. More details to come!!!