Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Videos from the last week or so

Go Patriots! Her daddy sure is proud of her!

Abi from Sesame Street is apparently extremely funny :)

Steve and Audrey's dance party

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Better late than never

Better late than never right? The picture above was taken at Steve's mom's house in Rock Hill Christmas day. In the picture from left to right is: Ray, (Steve's stepdad) Sandi, (Steve's mom) Steve, Steve's sister's fiance Tim, Steve's sister Heidi, Steve's sister Amy and her husband Jeff. And since we ate in the afternoon, Audrey was napping. We went over Christmas Eve afternoon, went to a family friendly church service that night and then headed back to her house for a ham dinner. We drove home that night so we could have Christmas morning just the 3 of us.

Steve and I woke up at 6:30AM, acting live 5 year olds, too excited to sleep anymore. We knew if we woke up Audrey, she'd be grumpy for the whole morning so we decided to let her sleep til 8. We barged in her room promptly at 8 to tell her Merry Christmas! She was a bit confused until we started with the presents. We didn't want to go through the work of having a real fire since we'd be leaving later that day but we found a channel on TV that had a fireplace with a fire and Christmas music playing! Cheesy and wonderful and perfect! We had so much fun opening presents and spending time with one another. This was the first year that I didn't take many pictures. Kind of ironic because I got a new camera from Steve!! It's a Canon S90, I love it! But sometimes I get too into taking pictures so I decided I'd relax and enjoy myself and leave the camera til later. We started a new Christmas morning tradition and we went to Starbucks for breakfast! It was cozy and warm! Audrey got to get a vanilla milk for the first time which she loved and she danced around and around, saying hi to all the customers, while Steve and I enjoyed our coffee. What sweet moments. Then we headed home, got ready for the day, then headed back to Steve's mom's for the day. We opened presents that afternoon and had a roast dinner.
Everyone says it but Time isn't listening. It's going way too fast!!! The time never stops or slows down as much as we want it too. It seemed like Thanksgiving came then bing, bang, boom, here's 2010 already. I can hardly believe it. It seems each year goes a little bit faster than the last but each year that passes is by far my favorite. And that means our lives are so packed full of blessings! 2009 was such a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to all that this year will bring! (maybe baby Nilsen #2 perhaps?! We'll have to wait and see! Still praying about it:)

Audrey didn't want to eat Christmas dinner so she had a pickle instead :)

Having tea with Auntie Heidi

Audrey got new sunglasses from Gramma

This was the first picture taken of Christmas morning. Since we woke Audrey up before she was ready, she didn't particularly enjoy taking pictures so early. She started enjoying herself after she caught onto the gift opening. I love her.