Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Videos from the last week or so

Go Patriots! Her daddy sure is proud of her!

Abi from Sesame Street is apparently extremely funny :)

Steve and Audrey's dance party


gramma sandi said...

That's my Doll Baby!! Those videos are sooooo adorable!!! Audrey is soooooooo adorable!! What a sweetie!! So precious to have videos like that for when she grows up of her and her Daddy! She will treasure them, I am sure!! much love, gramma sandi xoxo

The Chaney's said...

Oh Dena! Those videos are precious! And that was the best dance party I've ever been to!! You guys are having so much fun!! Enjoy these days of only having one.

stupidfei said...

haha^^i like the baby^^she likes to dance, maybe when future she can become a dancer or singer^^