Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smiles all around

The pictures above were taken a couple weeks ago before we had dinner at Boardwalk Billy's. Don't they look just alike?! They are my favorite subjects ever to photograph!! And they just keep getting cuter every day!!

Waving hello

Thanks Jungs for a good family picture!

Look at those big eyes! She just melts my heart!!


This is typical Audrey as of late. She carries her little bag around along with one of many babies and in this picture she's carrying an American Eagle shopping bag. 100% girl!!

Shopping diva!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

15 months

Here's Audrey playing (or hiding) under the exam table at the pediatricians office this morning. It seems as though she may have known what was to come in the very near future, shots. It rips your heart out a little to hear your child make a cry like no other, the owwwwwie cry. But other than that, the appointment went great. The Dr. quizzed her on her facial features. She was impressed Audrey knew where her hair was and laughed when she showed her where her tongue was, she stuck it way out. She said kids don't usually learn features such as hair and tongue until at least 18 months. I told her about the week or two that she went on the potty and that she still goes every once in awhile. I told her she even goes "poop". When Audrey heard me say that, she held her breath and grunted as though she had to "go". The Dr. said that was one of the funniest things she's ever seen! That's my girl! :)

The Dr. did seem a bit disappointed that she wasn't walking yet but she's convinced it will happen very soon. She watched as I walked with her while she only had hold of one of my fingers and walked around the room. She said she thinks she can walk on her own she just doesn't have the confidence yet. But she did stand on her own, no hands! And she learned how to crawl up and down the stairs a few weeks ago which I would think would be harder to figure out than walking but I guess she'll do it when she's ready. I'm going to try to enjoy the last little bit of this crawling stage while I can!

Overall, she's still one happy, healthy and full of life little girl!! Her hair is getting curlier by the day!! She is continuing learning sign language, she can sign about 10-12 signs. And she's talking more too!! She can say Mama, Daddy, Baby, nigh nigh (night night) and her favorite of all bubbo (bubble) She can make the sound for a dog and an elephant (she makes kind of a blowing sound and puts her arm in the air like a trunk :) She seems to understand everything we say. She knows what she wants and does her best to tell us exactly that! She continues to be such a joy to us! She really does make me laugh to tears almost every day! Here's her 15 month stats:

Weight: 21 lb 14oz (25-50%)

Height: 31 1/2 inches (75%)

Head: 18 1/2 (75%)

Here she is trying to eat like a big girl at the table

Watching TV and eating Cheerios in her easy chair

It's official and in stores now. She's on the box of the new Combi jumper!
Look Mom! It's me!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


What is that in the distance? It resembles the Emerald City a bit doesn't it?! Well, it was BETTER! Steve surprised me for our 3 year anniversary and took me to Savannah Georgia! Everything about it was absolutely perfect! A sister of a guy that he works with works at the Westin and we got our hotel room and all hotel food for half off!! WHAT A BLESSING! We seriously wouldn't have been able to attempt to go if we hadn't had that help. The hotel was beautiful! It was on Huntington Island, the only thing besides the hotel that was on the island was some big factory type building. Whenever we wanted to go into town, we'd take a 5 minute ferry ride across the water! It was like we were in another country; cobblestone walkways, European-style architecture, beautiful homes and many historic sites to see! We spent a lot of our 2 1/2 days there relaxing by the gorgeous pool at the hotel. They had these awesome foam air mattresses that almost put me to sleep. They also had a pool table next to the pool that we spent some time at. It was so nice having time to be alone. I'm so in awe of how God uniquely designed us for each other! What a precious gift Steve is to me! Here's to 3 years and hopefully many, many more! I love you!!

And a special shout out and thanks to the Yarbroughs and the Malaments for watching Audrey while we were gone!! You blessed us tremendously!

Our hotel room

The view of the pool from our room

These cabanas by the pool were awesome! Steve doesn't like to sit in direct sun for too long so they really were perfect. We ate lunch under it one day.

The walkway in front of our hotel, along the river

Patiently waiting for our anniversary breakfast

It has arrived! Georgia peach waffles!!! Oh yum!

After breakfast, Steve took me golfing for the first time. Well, not a real game, just the driving range. Here's the pro at work.

And here's the beginner trying to keep up. I had a lot more fun than I thought I would!

But boy, WAS IT HOT! Here we are heading back after an hour of hitting balls in the scorching sun.

Entering Chart House, the restaurant we had our anniversary dinner at.

Happy anniversary Honey!

Cool building

This Catholic church was beautiful, inside and out

My dream home

And this one's not too shabby either.

On the ferry heading over to check out the town

Inside the ferry at night and a strange man

Beautiful sunset

Best anniversary trip, they just keep getting better! Steve, thank you for such an amazing trip! I love that you took the time to plan the trip and to keep it a surprise :) I am one blessed girl! I love you more today than I did yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow than I did today! I couldn't have ask for a more perfect life mate! I love you!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I love me some crafts!!

I grew up with a mom and a grandma that sewed a lot. I never even had one ounce of me that wanted to learn how. But my time has come! So one day a few months ago, I decided it should probably be a priority to learn to sew on a button at least :) So, first thing, I found a teacher! My friend Hilary is a great sewer, housewife and soon to be mommy so I knew she would be able to teach me so many things! And boy is she patient!! Not that I totally stunk it up but let's just say I am grateful for all her help! I really was starting from zero, I really truly did not know how to sew on a button. When home ec. was offered in high school, I took baking instead :)

I have also found another new crafty hobby, making diaper and toilet paper cakes. That's right, you heard me correctly, toilet paper. Seems like if you aren't getting married, you're having babies which means lots of gifts to buy! I found it more fun and cost effective to make gifts instead of buying them. I think they've gone over well thus far...

Cowboy diaper cake I made for a friend to give to another friend complete with diapers, cowboy fabric, trial sized shampoos, a big bottle of lotion stuck in the top with a bandana around it, a wooden letter O (for Owen) to hang in his room and a wooden boot to kick it off! (and of course ribbon and some twine)

And I threw in a card just for the heck of it

Toilet paper cake I made for my friend Stephanie's bridal shower complete with TP, 2 bath scrubbies, bath spray, a toilet bowl scrubber, rubber gloves and trial sized shampoos and soaps inside the holes of the TP. Oh, and of course ribbon! Everything's prettier with ribbon :)

This is my very first sewing job (made with a sewing machine that is. I did sew on a button and a metal clasp to one of my shirts by hand too) This is a big pouch/bag made out of a pillow case. Yes, I am saddened that it does in fact still resemble a pillow case quite a bit. But not a waste one bit! I originally bought the pillow case from the Goodwill for $.49 and it was a sewing lesson I'll never forget!

What is this wonderfully cute tube shaped thing in my food pantry you ask? Well, it's a plastic grocery bag holder made out of a placemat!! You can find the instructions to make your very own here.