Sunday, November 30, 2008

A new home for Stella

I am saddened as I write this. It's come a time where we need to find a new home for our sweet dog Stella. We've had her since she was 4 weeks old, my first baby. I'm posting this to all of you who are readers or those who may know someone that is looking for a dog.
We bought Stella from a woman in Stanley county. She said the litter was half Boston Terrier, half pug. That may still be the case but she resembles and acts more like a Jack Russell. She is two years old tomorrow. She is a fun-loving, sweet, playful, high energy dog. And she loves Audrey SO MUCH! She loves to lick her hands and face, she lies on the blanket with her every chance she gets. But she also thinks Audrey is able to play back with her. Today as they were playing, Stella pawed Audrey's face and left some scratch marks around her eye. She was very close to her actual eyeball. Stella would never intentionally hurt Audrey or any other baby ever. She was just merely trying to play. But for Audrey's safety, we think it best that Stella find some new playmates. It would be ideal for her to be placed in a household with children ages 3 and up. She would love another dog companion too! She plays well with any breed.

Stella is very high energy and should be walked every day which I don't usually get around to. We did buy her an electric fence so she can run freely in the back yard. She LOVES walks and LOVES riding in the car. She loves to rough-house and play tug of war. She knows how to sit, lie down and shake. She is crate trained as well. She loves to play catch and chew on bones. Her favorite toy is her little blanket that she drags around. She is also trained to go potty outside and never has accidents.
She has always gone to North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital and has seen Dr. Schaaf. Her shots were due in September. We have yet to get her up to date. We are willing to pay to bring her in again to get her shots unless her new owners would rather wait and do it themselves. She has also been fixed.
Our desire is to find a family that will love Stella as much as we do. We really do hate to see her go. She is free to anyone who will take care of her and give her a new home. Please feel free to email me if you have further questions.

Nice and cozy

I started decorating for Christmas last Friday, November 21st. Audrey was in bed and Steve was working from home I decided to set everything up a bit early this year. I don't have that many decorations but I love them and getting into the spirit of things so I though an extra week or two wouldn't hurt. My friend Brianna and her husband came over for dinner with their 4 month old little boy that next night and she asked if we were going to get a Christmas tree. We had decided we were going to skip the real tree this year and wait until the end of the season to buy an artificial one when they went on clearance. Brianna told us they has 2 trees and would love to give us one! What a blessing! So I went and got it this last Friday and now my decorations are complete! Now all we need is a roaring fire and we'll be all set! Looking forward to this Christmas season as a new little family of 3!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Audrey and Stella are sisters, but also very good friends. I'd say Audrey is a better friend to Stella than the other way around. If I didn't keep a close eye on the dog, she'd probably lick Audrey's face all day long! We don't normally let Stella go on Audrey's blanket so she tries to sneak any time she can with her baby sister. Sometimes they look so sweet together! Then the moment ends and I tell Stella for the millionth time in a day, "Stella, OFF THE BLANKET!" I'm looking forward to when Audrey can push her away if she doesn't want to play. But she's always in good spirits when Stella comes to say hi.

So I thought they looked so cute together, Stella chewing on her bone, Audrey chewing on her toy. Nope, Audrey was chewing on a bone too! I know, GROSS! But I had to take a picture!

Audrey looks up to Stella, Stella gives her the stink eye

"I'm not so sure about you" look

Audrey's catching up, they are almost the same size. Hope Audrey's ears don't get that big though!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

6 month stats

Weight: 15lb 8 oz (<25%)
Height: 27 1/4 (90%)
Head: 17 1/4 (>75%)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cereal and Boone

Yummmm! Audrey started eating cereal for the first time this last Saturday. I wanted to wait until we were home from our two big trips to start her on food. She hasn't really shown any interest in food before the last week or so anyway. She did a lot better than I expected! She kept most of it in and made a few cute sour faces :)
Late Saturday morning, we headed to Boone for the day with Steve's mom, sister and her boyfriend Tim. It was a beautiful but brisk day. The trees on the drive up were gorgeous but once we got to town, most of the leaves were off the trees. We enjoyed walking around downtown Blowing Rock and downtown Boone but headed back home early evening since Audrey was tired from missing her afternoon nap. What a lovely weekend we had as a family!

Ooo, I'm not so sure

I don't know if I like it...

I didn't like that bite!

I'm done eating, Mom. I want to play with the buckle


Bundled in Blowing Rock

Take off this hat! (this one's for you Auntie Amy! Here's a fuss face picture for you :)

Audrey loved drinking out of Daddy's big cup

Fun with Gramma Sandi

Sandi's piece of pizza was bigger than her head!

Gearing up for a walk in Blowing Rock

Yummy caramel apple!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home sweet home

The sign on the wall above was hand made by my sweet, sweet husband! Audrey and I arrived back home Thursday from our 10 day trip to North Dakota to visit my family. We had so much fun but I was happy to be home. Audrey wasn't quite herself this trip. She usually is so happy go lucky but instead she was kinda whiny and irritable. Lots of things it could have been; her possibly getting a tooth soon, new climate, pollen, etc. She did sleep very well though, I think it was my sister's dark basement that did the trick. She also did AWESOME on both flights there and back. She slept an hour and a half there and almost 2 hours back! It snowed Thursday night so we made it out of there just in time! I love how the South welcomed us back with weather in the 70's!

A bit cut off but we're standing in front of the Fargo theater

Super cute sassy outfit from her favorite Auntie Kath

Miss Mermaid on Halloween

Audrey with her Nanners (my mom)

Auntie Jeraka (my half sister)

Cousin Taylor

So much fun with Cousin Emma!

Trying on Uncle Joe's hat

Audrey's new obsession, necklaces


Great Gram and Gramp seeing us off on our way home. We love you all so much! xoxoxoxo