Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nice and cozy

I started decorating for Christmas last Friday, November 21st. Audrey was in bed and Steve was working from home I decided to set everything up a bit early this year. I don't have that many decorations but I love them and getting into the spirit of things so I though an extra week or two wouldn't hurt. My friend Brianna and her husband came over for dinner with their 4 month old little boy that next night and she asked if we were going to get a Christmas tree. We had decided we were going to skip the real tree this year and wait until the end of the season to buy an artificial one when they went on clearance. Brianna told us they has 2 trees and would love to give us one! What a blessing! So I went and got it this last Friday and now my decorations are complete! Now all we need is a roaring fire and we'll be all set! Looking forward to this Christmas season as a new little family of 3!


Bartelson Quad Squad said...

BE-U-TIFUL! Wow...isn't this what you've always dreamed of? By the that a Michael's add in the magazine holder I see? I can spot them a mile away!

Campbell said...

oh how delightfully homey!