Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Audrey and Stella are sisters, but also very good friends. I'd say Audrey is a better friend to Stella than the other way around. If I didn't keep a close eye on the dog, she'd probably lick Audrey's face all day long! We don't normally let Stella go on Audrey's blanket so she tries to sneak any time she can with her baby sister. Sometimes they look so sweet together! Then the moment ends and I tell Stella for the millionth time in a day, "Stella, OFF THE BLANKET!" I'm looking forward to when Audrey can push her away if she doesn't want to play. But she's always in good spirits when Stella comes to say hi.

So I thought they looked so cute together, Stella chewing on her bone, Audrey chewing on her toy. Nope, Audrey was chewing on a bone too! I know, GROSS! But I had to take a picture!

Audrey looks up to Stella, Stella gives her the stink eye

"I'm not so sure about you" look

Audrey's catching up, they are almost the same size. Hope Audrey's ears don't get that big though!


Anonymous said...

Those were adorable pictures Dena!! The captions you wrote under them were so funny, too! I loved the first picture of the view of the back of them lying on the blanket together and the one where Audrey is chewing on STella's bone was hysterical! So sweet..... :) sandi xoxo

Ashley said...

Love the pics Dena. The one of them staring at each other skeptically is the best!

Anonymous said...

Dena, what adorable pictures of Audrey and Stella. They look like good griends.

Aunt Linda

Anne said...

Oh goodness, Audrey and Stella are the greatest!

Robin said...

Thanks for faithfully posting so many pics! We love to look at them! Audrey has so many great faces, she makes us giggle!!! Love you guys!