Monday, November 14, 2011

Transitional Fall decor

 I found that I looked forward to Fall this year more than any other year before. There's just no beating Carolina weather! We've had a couple "colder weeks" that allowed us to bundle in our cute winter vests and scarves but now we're back to mid 60's which is nice for now too.

I had the opportunity to host a Fall themed baby shower/welcome party for some friends a couple weekends ago and I, of course, turned to Pinterest to conjure up some inspiration. I reused an idea that I found and used for my friend Natalie's baby shower this last Spring, a pennant banner made out of paint sample cards. This project is so easy and almost free besides the string and you really can't mess it up and you can choose any color combo to fit with your theme (Nat's shower was a bumblebee theme so I used yellows, grays and blacks). The Fall colored one added a bit of pizzazz to my fireplace so I decided to leave it up after the party.

In September, I gathered a few odds and ends and decided to do a little Fall layout on the fireplace. I had some gross brass candle sticks that I had gotten at the Good Will for $.49 a piece that I spray painted white. And I fell in love with burlap. So earthy and versatile. I wrapped it around some glass votives I had previously gotten at the dollar store. The candlelight through the burlap makes for a cozy glow. I even pinned a gold bow shaped broach on one. The two giant pine cones are all the way from California that Steve's dad brought back with him a couple years ago. I placed one on top of the chrome colored candle holder. I like the unexpectedness of it.

In October, I needed to add a bit more for Halloween. I'm not one for spiders, goblins and witches so I found a cheap pumpkin, printed out an N in the font I wanted, traced it on and colored it in with a permanent marker. The white pot I had but the pumpkin was too small so I put a box in the pot, covered it with raffia and stuck the pumpkin on top. I picked up the two tiny ones and places them on the wooded candle holders that I spray painted black. More GW finds. And the little old wagon I borrowed from my son's room.

Now that we are into November, I didn't want to skip over Thanksgiving and do away with all the other decor that I'd had up for just a few short weeks. Then I happened upon this Thanksgiving printout from Dear Lillie. Perfect to tie in and continue to build my theme! I originally thought it'd be cute hanging in front of the mirror but the circle and rectangle combo was bugging me so I opted to place it behind some of the candle sticks. Enjoying this little corner of Fall in our living room. Can't wait to come up with something for Christmas very soon!