Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last week, Audrey and I went down to Williamsburg, Virginia to visit with Steve's stepmom Annie. The Lord really blessed our time down, there and back. We left early last Tuesday morning around 7. This was our first long road trip alone without Steve so I was a bit apprehensive (it's a 5 1/2 hour drive). By God's grace, she slept for a good two hours in the car!! Steve had bought a DVD player prior to us leaving in case of any meltdowns on Audrey's part (or mine :) But we didn't hardly use it, I let her watch just a bit right before arriving. And we made it in less time than Google said we would!! We only stopped once! AMAZING!

We spent lots of time with her dogs, one is a couple years old and the other is just a few months. Audrey loved them and loved sitting in their bed pretending to be a dog :) And Audrey sure does love her Naaaaaanny (can't quite get Grannie Annie yet) She has talked about her every day since we left. We did lots of fun girlie things like dancing, talking, shopping and eating! On Thursday morning before leaving for home, we ate at this place called the Old Chickahominy House It's an old house that has been turned into a restaurant/gift shop. And it was OH SO CUTE! There was a little kitchenette upstairs that I adored!! It reminded me a bit of Julia Child. Have you seen that movie yet? Well, you should. Anyway, we had a yummy breakfast of homemade biscuits, bacon and cheese eggs, said our goodbyes and were back on the road. I kept telling myself that this trip back probably wouldn't be as easy as the one down but it was! Audrey slept over 3 HOURS! My time driving was sweet; taking in the fall foliage, singing to Buble, being cozy with my heated seat on and thanking the Lord for such a wonderful trip filled with many, many blessings! I made sure to stop and get Audrey some special cookies for being such a good girl!! I really am such a blessed girl to have such a sweet, little girl!

Thanks Grannie Annie for letting us stay with you!! We had so much fun!! We are blessed to have you in our lives!!

In front of the Old Chickahominy House

Audrey got to eat in an old fashioned wood highchair.