Thursday, November 18, 2010

Belly pictures, shower and Babymoon

I have realized that I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant and I haven't posted one picture of me since being pregnant!! How true it is when people say round 2 is much different than round 1, I'm much busier this pregnancy because we have Audrey. Time is going by so quickly!! The weeks are flying by now, it's hard to keep track! The above picture is me and little E at 12 weeks (I think). I've been feeling pretty well but sleeping is getting to be a bit more uncomfortable which is to be expected. I remember bad back pain with Audrey but fortunately I haven't had that yet.

At the beginning of September, I had a baby shower for my friend Crystal and her baby girl Coco. It was a Korean theme and was lots of fun to do! In the middle of October, my friends Mary and Meghann had a shower for me and Ezra at my friend Anne's house. How blessed we were by the generosity of so many friends and family! We got a big Red Sox toy box from Gramma Sandi that Steve adores :) I posted a picture of Ezra's empty room, just putting some last minute touches on it and I'll post finished pictures in the next few weeks. At the end of October, Steve and I got away for a 3 day babymoon to Charleston, SC. I'd like to say it was relaxing but I probably walked more in those 3 days than I have in the last year! But it was good for me and such fun to have time just the two of us.

Only 7ish more weeks to go!! Thanksgiving is next week already and oh how many wonderful blessings I am thankful for, including our sweet baby boy who we can hardly wait to meet!

19 weeks

Watching TV with Audrey while she holds her brother :)

I think Crystal was around 30 weeks, I was 23

Sushi diaper cakes!

Ezra's empty room

Assembling the toy box

27 weeks, right before my shower

Shower peeps

Praying for Ezra

Cute wagons my friend Natalie got for E's room. She painted the wood one, so cute

Natalie also sewed these circles together as part of the decorations for the shower. I made a mobile out of them which I will include in the finished room pictures.

I adore this homemade pillow my friend Steph made for him!!!

So blessed!

29 weeks

At the Battery in Charleston

Entering the pier in Mt Pleasant

It was such a beautiful place with a great park, little shop, a long pier to look out at the boats and swings to relax in! I could have stayed there all day.