Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oops! Can't forget the BABY! Stella is our bundle of craziness! She's gotten so stinking big lately! I'll try to look for a baby picture of her so you can compare her progress, she looks totally different now! She's about 20 pounds and as spunky as ever! She knows how to sit and to shake and she LOVES to play catch! I know, I know, she's just a dog, but she's our little girl!

Birds, that live in the nest

Hiiiiddeeee ho! Here is the most recent, good picture of us taken about 3 weeks ago when Steve's sister Heidi and her boyfriend Tim came to visit. They were searching for somewhere to live, which they found during their stay and they just moved here last weekend! We've been having such a great time with them!
Steve and I are heading to Cape Cod next weekend for our one year ANNIVERSARY! Hope I'll have lots of pictures to share with you all!
We are getting lots of HOT weather lately, loving every second of it! Happy SUMMER!

Welcome to the Nest!

Ok, so I tried to think of something cleaver, I thought it was cute! Anyway, I have always been anti-blog, but I wanted a way to share our lives and adventures with the ones we love, especially you all that we don't get to see very often. So, sit tight and enjoy the ride!