Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Birds, that live in the nest

Hiiiiddeeee ho! Here is the most recent, good picture of us taken about 3 weeks ago when Steve's sister Heidi and her boyfriend Tim came to visit. They were searching for somewhere to live, which they found during their stay and they just moved here last weekend! We've been having such a great time with them!
Steve and I are heading to Cape Cod next weekend for our one year ANNIVERSARY! Hope I'll have lots of pictures to share with you all!
We are getting lots of HOT weather lately, loving every second of it! Happy SUMMER!


Anonymous said...

Steve and Dena, HOW ADORABLE !!! What a FANTASTIC and THOUGHTFUL idea. I Love it. Thank You so much for doing it. Let me give you Tim & Terry's email address. I know they would love hearing from you and seeing you. They are planning on coming to Brian and Carolyn's wedding so you will be able able to meet them. Bob and Merri-Lynn MIGHT come also. Love to you both, Auntie Lin XO XO XO

Anonymous said...

OOPS...FORGOT THE EMAIL ADDRESS...tnt3234@yahoo.com
Auntie Lin

sandi said...

Your hair has gotten so long Dena since I last saw you! So you have been enjoying the hot weather....hope you don't freeze when you come up here next week!! It's not been very warm yet! The one thing about New England, though, the weather can chage in the blink of an eye! I am getting ready for your visit, can't wait for you to come and It will be very hard to let you go back home!

Jamie said...

Hey guys!

Happy soon Anniversary! Being married is great! Eric and I are well. We rented a cabin in Boone for the honeymoon. Dena- it was great seeing you at the wedding.
Love you both!