Sunday, November 4, 2007

Momma Belly!

I'm showing! This was taken last weekend, I was 14 weeks then. It's weird and amazing that I feel pretty much normal now! God has been so gracious to us through the process thus far! I still need to go to bed a bit earlier than before, but other than that, I feel great! I was 15 weeks yesterday, or a little over 4 months. I have my next appointment Tuesday. Steve left tonight for Dallas until Friday for work, so he won't be able to go with me this time. Last month, we just barely were able to hear the heartbeat, then I laughed, and the nurse couldn't find it again! Let's hope we hear a good strong one this time around. It'll be a great mommy, baby bonding moment :) Steve is to arrive home Friday afternoon, please pray his work there would be beneficial and that he arrives home safely!

We went to Mayberry, NC a few weeks ago, with our friends Tiffany and Andy. We took a really awesome trail in the Pilot Mountains, very scenic. The boys got a little too adventurous for my liking, but what do you do? They're boys. It was a last minute trip so we weren't expecting much, but we had a blast! Even though I was 10 weeks pregnant then, God gave me the strength to keep up!