Tuesday, August 25, 2009

16 months

My little string bean was 16 months old yesterday!! These pictures were actually taken last month (courtesy of Kathryn Flanigan, thanks girl!)

Audrey continues to be a little spark plug!! The infamous question lately has been, "Is she walking yet?!" And no, she's not. We are not concerned, just a little impatient with wanting her to! But we know she will in her own time!! She's so content "walking" on her knees for now. :) She's such a girlie girl, "walking" around carrying her bag filled with toys, holding her baby and sometimes even her cup all at the same time! She already knows how to multitask! She laughs and cries on cue, mimicking her baby that makes noises. She is so motherly.

She has always enjoyed reading books but has been especially interested with them lately. I will ask her where things are and she will point to them, including shapes. She's trying new words every day. Even if she can't say them, they are usually pretty close. Dada is her favorite at the moment. Everything is DADA! She gets so excited when I say "Daddy's home! Go see!"

What a sweet, loving, hilarious, fun, expressive girl the Lord has blessed us with!! And how blessed I am that I get to spend each day with her!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's make a pizza Mom!!

Audrey and I made English muffin pizzas the other night. The last week or so she's been very interested in what I'm doing in the kitchen. She always wants to "help" me take dishes out of the dishwasher and "help" me cook. So I usually let her close the dishwasher door all by herself. She always gives me a big, proud smile from a job well done. I've also let her stand on a chair next to me so she can watch me cook. On Saturday, I thought maybe she could help make the mini pizzas. I put the cheese in a bowl for her to easily grab the cheese. I showed her once what to do and she immediately grabbed a huge handful of cheese and threw it on the first English muffin. A natural I'd say :) On the next pizza (see video below) instead of sprinkling the cheese, she takes a handful of the sauce that's already on the muffin and gives it a taste. I know I say it all the time but boy do I LOVE having a little girl!! She is SO MUCH FUN! We look forward to sharing future baking/cooking experiences with you!

Mom, you do the sauce and I'll do the cheese

Sprinkling on the cheese

I snuck some!

Shoving in some cheese

All done!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Concord Creamery

We went to the Concord Creamery a couple weeks ago with our friends Mary, Caleb and Crystal (Augustine in tow :) I didn't get any pictures of us eating icecream but I got a bunch with the kids playing. And if you do go there to get icecream, try the banana pudding flavor. It's amazing!!