Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Potty party

So modest :)

Last Thursday Audrey went potty on her potty chair for the first time! I had gotten one at a yard sale the weekend before, thinking it would be months before we would need it. When she saw it sitting upstairs, she pointed at it and made her little high-pitched squeak sound she makes and so I put her on it with her clothes still on. We tried that over the next couple days. On Thursday night, she pointed to it again, just right before going in the bath. I put her on it, no go. She took a bath then stood up when she was done and pointed at the potty again. So I put her back on it, walked in her room to put away her dirty clothes and she had already gone in that 30 seconds!! I think she was a little freaked out, as I was jumping up and down, screaming and clapping, then I started to cry! Cry?! Why?! My little baby is all of a sudden a big girl, going on the potty!! I just can't believe it! From then on, we've been putting her on the potty every time we changer her diaper, not expecting she'll go, but just getting her more used to it. She gets so excited when she just sees it! She's gone 2 other times since that first time so I know she's catching on.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The last month or so

So, I shall try to do my best to sum up the last month or so. On May 14th, Audrey and I flew to North Dakota to visit my side of the family. On May 23rd, my little sister got married. We had so much fun spending time with family!! Lots of time to relax and visit. The weather when we got there was 46 degrees with 40 mile an hour winds. When we left, 70s and 80s! We flew back home to NC May 26th. (sorry for not posting any pictures of our trip. We put them on a disk and viewing and uploading them is too time-consuming. But they are on Facebook if you want to see some there) We were very glad to be home! We sure did miss Steve! He was worried Audrey wouldn't recognize him after being gone so long but she went right to him at the airport :)

We got home on a Tuesday and that Friday Steve and I packed up and drove to Virginia Beach for our first weekend away without Audrey. He had had his eye on a Jeep Wrangler that previous week and we actually bought it the morning we left! We had such a blast together! Lying on the beach, swimming, driving around in the Jeep, looking at cute neighborhoods, hitting up some surf shops and eating lots of yummy food. We went down hoping to catch The Zac Brown Band play on the beach that Friday night but the purchasing of the Jeep delayed us a bit and we only got to see 2 songs. But the trip was well worth it! I missed Audrey but so enjoyed our time away!

As for Audrey, she's still growing and learning so much each day! She's been very content crawling, showing no signs of wanting to walk yet. But 2 days ago, she finally stood up all by herself! She's been pulling up on her own ever since. She continues to sign a lot and learns new signs weekly. It's making communication with her so much easier and it limits the whining as well. She's also learning quite a few animals sounds including; a cow, doggy and frog. She's still such a cheerful little girl, always smiling, alert and full of energy! She is really starting to love her babies. She can rock them and has a bottle that she uses to feed them. She even makes a drinking sound for them :) One of her babies makes a crying sound and she imitates that too. After her naps, she'll just sit in her crib and play with her babies or read a book. I'm so grateful for how content she usually is! Such an easy-going girl! She still loves to read, take walks, swim in her baby pool and play with friends. She LOVES to eat and will eat anything and everything in sight! I think she is about to get rid of one of her naps but still sleeps about 2-3 hours a day and 12 hours at night! (she gets that from her mom :) We've so enjoyed our summer so far and are excited to see what the rest of the season will bring!

First experience with corn on the cob. She knew what the handles were for!

Taking a big bite

This stuff is amazing!

Chillin in her high chair, she didn't want to get out :) She looks much too big for it from this angle, doesn't she?

This is our new sweet ride! Actually, Steve's. But he let me drive it once :) It was a noisy drive but worth having it while at the beach!

Sweet husband in our sweet ride

The boardwalk, VA beach

We stopped at a restaurant on the pier with rocking tables, very relaxing!