Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5 months

What a joy it is to have our children giggling together! Each day they interact more and more and it's so fun to watch! Ezra turned 5 months on the 13th. Not sure of his stats since he doesn't go in for one more month but I do know he's continuing to put on the pounds. I give him cereal every once in awhile but he's not super excited about it and seems content with just milk for the moment. He continues to sleep like a champ and is getting better at taking long, uninterrupted naps (if we're at home or the car is moving). He is content really anywhere but when we put him in his infant car seat, he tries to sit upright instead of relaxing at a slant. Guess that probably means he'll be sitting soon! He really is the most contented baby which makes outings so much easier. His big smiles light up the room. Even at his sleepy times, he's still pleasant. He's my easy-going buddy. 

And just for future sake, I wanted to jot down some recent nicknames he's been granted lately:

Bud, Buddy, Budzies
Ri Ra (by my mom, Nanny)
Deeks or Deek a deek ( from a sound I made when tickling him and it just stuck)

We are also in the process of deciding if he needs a helmet due to head flatness. We're visiting a second craniology clinic tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom for us in making a decision that would be best for Ezra. 

 He wasn't quite 5 months here but I had to throw it in. First time at the pool.

 He started sleeping on his side

 And sometimes sleeps like this

 And this

 He loves the glow worm

 And making crazy expressions when he's supposed to be eating

 Here's the boys on Father's Day, Steve's 1st with both kids!

 It was also E's day to get dedicated at church. Here he is, ready for his close up

 and one with shoes too

 Praying for our boy


 so happy

then so serious. Doing push ups is no laughing matter.