Monday, June 16, 2008

Dedication and Father's Day

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,

the fruit of the womb a reward.

Psalm 127:3

We had a fun, fast weekend! It was Father's Day on Sunday and also Audrey's dedication. Her dedication was a pledge to her, that we will raise her up in the church and in God's word, teaching her His truth so that hopefully one day she will give her life to Christ. How exciting!
It was also Steve's 1st Father's Day! I think he was surprised by his gift, a picture frame with pictures Audrey and I took when he was a work. After Audrey's dedication, Steve's mom and her husband and Steve's sister and her boyfriend came over for chili dogs and strawberry shortcake. YUM! We are heading off to Fargo, ND next Monday the 23rd until June 30th, unpacking and repacking and making our way to Virginia Beach on the 1st to stay at Steve's dad's condo for our anniversary and for the 4th. See you all when we return!

Wake up, Dad! It's Father's Day!Daddy opening the present I got him; pictures of him and me, Mom and me and one of just meHi, Dad!Tickle, tickleDaddy/Daughter conversationDedication getupYay! Tired before the action even begins!MmmThose are my new shoes from Gramma Sandi :)Mommy and Daddy praying for meSaying hi to my friend SilasNap interruptedOur little family

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Swaddle update

So we haven't made much progress on not swaddling. I talked to quite a few women the last week or so and the consensus is, do what works! I've heard swaddling up to 6 months or longer is perfectly normal and I've also heard babies in other countries get swaddled all day sometimes! They get hung on the back of a door! So I think she'll be fine until she breaks completely out of the swaddle while sleeping.
She's been learning and changing so much lately! Seems like everyday she does something new, it's very fun to watch her! I try to take as many pictures as I can because I know this time is slipping through our fingers.

I'm not ready to give it up yet
It's just so cozy in here!10 minute success without the swaddle. I like to scratch my face so I had to wear mittensAnd then sometimes this happensMommy's new favoritePeekaMom! These are way too big!Look closely, I'm sticking my tongue out at my dad! I'm getting buff neck muscles!Tummy timeI smile lots now!Happy girlI'm sleepyPlaying on the floor

Monday, June 9, 2008

To swaddle or not to swaddle, that is the question

Audrey LOVES to be in her swaddle blanket! She won't sleep in her bed unless she's swaddled, well she actually can't GET to sleep. She's almost outgrown her Swaddle Me and receiving blankets seem like they are just not big enough so I have to take another blanket on top of the one already on her and tuck real tight. As you all know, the weather is super ridiculously hot lately and she's going to toast if I keep bundling her up so tight! She usually wakes up so sweaty, poor girl! Any suggestions? When is it a good age to try and stop swaddling, is she still too young? She sleeps fine anywhere else, in a bouncy chair, her car seat, but lying flat unwrapped she becomes restless or wakes up from her arms moving and startling her. Any helpful advice would be much appreciated! More pictures soon! Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My big girl

My little Audrey is getting so big so fast! She had her one month appointment last Thursday (she was actually 5 weeks that day) and she weighs 10lb 5oz which is at 75%, her head is 50-75% at 15 inches and she's 22 1/2 inches long which is 90%! Here comes the long legs, just like her daddy! She's grown 2 inches and has gained 2 1/2 lbs since her original size. That doesn't seem like a lot but you sure can tell she looks more filled out. She's learning lots of new things and she's so much more active. She can grab toys now, she has a mirror in her bed that she likes to look at and grab. She might not be aware of grabbing things but she does it all the time! She's starting to grab my hair too :)
Summer is finally here and we've been busy! Every night is family night for the 3 of us but we've been having lots of family time at Steve's mom's and stepdad's house in Rock Hill. Audrey loves her Gramma! We've spent 2 weekends there in the last month. She's an awesome cook, we always leave 5 lbs heavier than when we came!
I also had the opportunity to see my friend Kileigh that I haven't seen in 3 years. We used to waitress together in Fargo, ND before I moved here. She just moved to Columbia, SC for the Guards and was in town for the day so we met at the mall and did our best to catch up in the short time that we had. I hope I get to see more of her since she lives so close.
June is packed full of things to come, lots more pictures in the near future!

Playing in the mirror!
Hanging out at Gramma Sandi's
Burp time

Reuniting with my friend Kileigh

This is my favorite summer dress, thanks Shea's!

Big girl!

Look, Mom, I can snap!

and I can grab!