Monday, June 9, 2008

To swaddle or not to swaddle, that is the question

Audrey LOVES to be in her swaddle blanket! She won't sleep in her bed unless she's swaddled, well she actually can't GET to sleep. She's almost outgrown her Swaddle Me and receiving blankets seem like they are just not big enough so I have to take another blanket on top of the one already on her and tuck real tight. As you all know, the weather is super ridiculously hot lately and she's going to toast if I keep bundling her up so tight! She usually wakes up so sweaty, poor girl! Any suggestions? When is it a good age to try and stop swaddling, is she still too young? She sleeps fine anywhere else, in a bouncy chair, her car seat, but lying flat unwrapped she becomes restless or wakes up from her arms moving and startling her. Any helpful advice would be much appreciated! More pictures soon! Happy Summer!


Robin said...

You could try just putting her diaper on and swaddle her...but maybe you already do that. Does she like to be swaddled up tight. Chelsey did....I think she gradually grew out of it when she figured out she really liked her hands and feet. Maybe gradually not swaddle her as'll just have to try several things! She'll figure it out!

Campbell said...

Eva sweats a lot so she sleeps without any blankets. She uses a sleep positioner to get that "tucked-in" feel. she does well with it and it's cool. You can get one at target or bbrus. She just sleeps in it on her back.

If you get one, make sure to place her in it high enough that she can't turn her head in her sleep and get her face up against it and smother herself. Eva would do that if i let her, crazy child.

Rebecca said...

I think I swaddled Kathryn until she was 6 months, although after a while it ended up being just under her arms, when the blankets got too small. It was a little different, though, with a January baby. Not sure about overheating...maybe you could turn the air conditioning on at night to bring the temp. down.