Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home sweet home

The sign on the wall above was hand made by my sweet, sweet husband! Audrey and I arrived back home Thursday from our 10 day trip to North Dakota to visit my family. We had so much fun but I was happy to be home. Audrey wasn't quite herself this trip. She usually is so happy go lucky but instead she was kinda whiny and irritable. Lots of things it could have been; her possibly getting a tooth soon, new climate, pollen, etc. She did sleep very well though, I think it was my sister's dark basement that did the trick. She also did AWESOME on both flights there and back. She slept an hour and a half there and almost 2 hours back! It snowed Thursday night so we made it out of there just in time! I love how the South welcomed us back with weather in the 70's!

A bit cut off but we're standing in front of the Fargo theater

Super cute sassy outfit from her favorite Auntie Kath

Miss Mermaid on Halloween

Audrey with her Nanners (my mom)

Auntie Jeraka (my half sister)

Cousin Taylor

So much fun with Cousin Emma!

Trying on Uncle Joe's hat

Audrey's new obsession, necklaces


Great Gram and Gramp seeing us off on our way home. We love you all so much! xoxoxoxo


Auntie Amy said...

lol, I LOOOVE her Halloween costume =) She is such a happy little girl, I have never seen a crying/upset picture of her. Every single one is a crazy big smile.... so sweet

Campbell said...

oh my goodness the sassy outfit is too much!!! love it!