Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Improvements

(Old faucet)

We were in a serious project mode this weekend! Aside from Steve ripping down the shed Friday and then cleaning up Saturday, we didn't have anything to do Sunday :) We stopped at Lowe's on Saturday to look for tile and came home with some paint instead. Funny how stuff like seems to happen. We did plan to paint the side entryway sometime and that sometime happened earlier than expected. I started painting Saturday afternoon and finished up Sunday. The color is a bit hard to see in the pictures. The first picture shows the most accurate color shade. It turned out very Pottery Barnish blue, and I love it.
On to Steve's second project, he tackled putting in the new kitchen faucet. Our old one doesn't look that bad just by looking at it but when you turn it on, it squeaks so bad it makes me want to pull my hair out! After two years of annoyance, we finally were able to get a new one.
Not having installed one before brought about some challenges. While trying to tighten the tube that connects the water to the faucet, it was turned too much and the copper pipe got twisted and broke off. No good. So after a call to Handy Dandy brother in law Drew and two more trips to Lowe's, the faucet was successfully installed! The spray attachment is actually the front part of the faucet. And boy is it amazing! I know, it's something so small but what a difference it makes! Thank you Steve for being a fearless faucet warrior!!! :) I love you!

The "Warrior"
The NEW Faucet!
Pre-entryway, plain ol' cream walls

NEW and improved entryway, most accurate color


Hilary Ann said...

oh la la! I love it all!

The Blackburn Crew said...

me likey....

Ashley said...

everything looks great! We just put in a new faucet over the weekend too...trickier than it looks =)