Friday, September 12, 2008

What we've been up to

Our hunt for appliances is over! We got a new dishwasher and stove this week! Thank God for Craig's List, that's all I gotta say! The dishwasher had never been used, still in the box! We got both for about half of what we had budgeted. Isn't God so KIND?! We have decided to wait to do the floors until sometime in the Spring. We have two big trips coming up. The 3 of us are going to see Steve's dad and stepmom in California on October 1st and then Audrey and I are going back to visit my family and to attend a wedding in ND the end of October. Then comes Thanksgiving, Christmas and the year is quickly over! Other than kitchen improvements, we haven't been up to much, just everyday stuff. We have been having a pretty laid back week at home. We are ready for the weather to clear up and the temperature to cool down a bit so we can get out to take some more walks.

Our old dishwasher, notice the duct tape that is holding it together! It was like that when we moved in and has been a very faithful appliance until recently.
Another yucky new task for the "warrior"
New dishwasher
New stove
Side hug
3 of Audrey's favorites: Daddy, books and her thumb :)

Kisses from Stella
Such a HAPPY girlie!


Hilary Ann said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you . . . they look so great in there

Anonymous said...

Once again, the pictures are ADORABLE of Audrey and Daddy and Mommy, too! Loved them!!!! She is such a doll!! I haven't seen her for less than a week and she already looks so much bigger and older in her pictures! Amazing!! Your new stove looks real nice, it looks alot like mine! I'll be curious to see it in person to see if it is just like mine. I'll bet you are really enjoying your new appliances! What a blessing! What a good "warrior" of a husband to tackle all three jobs!! Well done, Steve!!!! I'm proud of you! love you all xoxoxoxoxoxo gramma sandi

Campbell said...

That's so kind of God. Isn't it moments like that when we see how He loves us so personally?

Little E thinks little A looks so sassy in her bell-bottoms.

We love u

LeahHawkins said...


Sarah said...

Hey girly! Looks like you're having so much fun updating you home!

The Lord put you on my heart to pray for today. Hope you and Steve and Audrey are doing well! Love to hear from you sometime.

Love you!

Anne said...

The stove looks awesome! Flat tops are the best:)
That last picture of Audrey to so precious!