Saturday, September 6, 2008


What is that you might be asking? Well, it's a big branch from a tree that was in our neighbor's yard that fell in our yard the day before we flew to North Dakota this June. Because the tree falling "was an act of Nature" our insurance had to pay for it, not theirs. The tree removal guy came out to remove the tree that had fallen and found 2 more trees in our yard that were dead and would eventually fall. So, after getting 3 trees removed, we still had the HUGE task of tearing down the shed. Steve, with some help from some faithful friends (thanks guys!) tore down the shed last night and hauled the scrap to a dump that takes debris. We are planning on storing the few things we do need to store outside, under our deck. With the little bit of insurance money we did get for the damage of the shed, we're going to fix up our kitchen! YIPEE! We got a new faucet and if it all goes well, we'll be installing new ceramic floors and used appliances! I'm SOOOO excited!
A huge tree falling down, nearly taking out our house and crushing our shed=
Blessing in disguise :)


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Campbell said...

oh my goodness! how funny and scary! it looks like the shed was in pain. i'm so glad steve and the boys put it out of it's misery! a little extra $cha-ching$ never hurts tho!