Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trip to ND Part 2 and Virginia Beach trip

When we returned from being with my dad and his family for a couple days, we returned to Fargo to spend the rest of the time with my mom, stepdad, grandparents, sister, brother-in-law and nieces. We tried to relax and enjoy our time with one another. We ate lots, played games and laid back, something we usually don't get to do since it's always so rush rush. We made sure we spent extra time "just doing nothing" so my family could spend as much time as possible with Audrey. We sure did have an awesome time with everyone and look forward to our next time together in the future. Because plane tickets are so expensive, we're unsure of when the next time will be. We will be praying that it's sooner than later...

In my mom's porch, isn't it super cute? They recently remodeled it. We spent most of our time out there, playing dominos and visiting.We still found time for Daddy time!These 2 girls fell so in love with Audrey! Her cousins Taylor (13) and Emma (9)
They started crying 2 days before we left , not anticipating our departure :(My Uncle Gary made Audrey a beautiful silver bracelet with her name on it!Chillin on the lawn chair4 generationsMy stepdad Jack's reaction to seeing Audrey for the first time. Audrey will call him Grandpa Jacka (previously named from my nieces)My mom Nancy, Audrey's going to call her Nanners :) My grandpa, Audrey's great, Lawrence. Isn't he so cute!?My Gramps and me Polka-ing

Below are pictures from the 2nd part of our trip. We spent the 2nd week in Virginia Beach at Steve's dad's condo to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. On our way, we stopped in Williamsburg so we could see Steve's stepmom. She watched Audrey while we went out to spend time together and to have a special anniversary dinner. I can't recall the name of the restaurant we went to but they had the most amazing food and it wasn't busy at all so we got a table outside. The restaurant was one of many little shops and restaurants in a little village type area, kind of like Birkdale, very cute. After dinner we walked around and had icecream from Maggie Moo's.
After dinner, we headed 45 minutes more to Virginia Beach! Most days were hot and humid. We ventured to the beach the next day. Audrey did SO WELL! She slept most of the time even though is was sweltering. Steve spent lots of time in the water :) While Audrey and I were on the beach, the sand umbrella fell over and nearly knocked her out but thankfully did not. But it did spray sand ALL OVER her face. I tried to wipe the sand from her eyes before she woke up but no success. There was sand in her eyes, ears, nose and around her pacifier. Needless to say, we packed up shortly after that. The next day was more successful at the pool, she slept that whole time too and Steve and I had the whole pool to ourselves! The rest of the week was spent at the condo. There was an outside patio area that we sat out on. Steve's dad and stepmom spent one night with us and took us out to dinner twice which was such a nice treat. It was nice to have a whole week with my family, my husband on our anniversary week and time with my little girl since I didn't see her much while we were in ND since my family held her most of the time. We had two wonderful weeks but were very happy to be home. So grateful we made it without major injuries too! God is so kind!

Trying risotto for the first time, AMAZING! Hell's Kitchen always made risotto and we never knew what it was like, I wish I could eat it all the time! The whole meal I had that night was I think the best meal I have EVER had! After our 2nd anniversary dinnerSpecial thanks to one set of Audrey's grandparents, Howard and Annie (Steve's dad and his wife) for letting us spend the week at the condo! Happy 4th of July!Sleepy, just arriving at the beachMy Big Girl swimsuitSandy toesThrowing up the peace signThere was one of those pictures that you can plug in and they move at the condo. I put it in her bed for a few minutes, she was amazed! A few of my favorites from the trips


meghann said...

love all the pics of baby girl!!! love the july 4th one the best....babies are the best!!!

The Blackburn Crew said...

Wow! I don't really know if she is amazed with that fish picture....she looks terrified...its awesome