Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Audrey's been a busy girl!

Audrey has been quite busy lately, doing so much and learning SO MUCH! I feel like each day she does something new, it's so fun to watch her! One of my friends, that also has a baby, asked me the other day "Isn't it weird that you never get sick of looking at her?". And I totally agreed! It is weird but it's great! I love my little girl so much, each day is so much fun with her! I am so blessed to be able to stay home with her and see her developing! Here are some pictures to help show what she's been up to. Hope you can keep up :)

My newest thing to do, suck my thumb!MmmmmDad makes me laugh
Oh dear! Daddy's trying to eat my head!I really like to read books now, well, just the pictures (and mirrors)Sometimes I wake up like this, diagonally This one gives you a better idea of how much I really can move!
(I started vertically, with my head by the mirror)Hanging out in Mommy's big bed, it makes me smile to the side Mom measured my hair, it's really long on the top still but I'm losing it in chunks in the back :( Hope it grows back just as pretty...We went to the pool with lots of my friends the other day, this is my friend Kaylie, she's one of many that likes to play with meWe LOVE the pool (well, Mom does, I'm still too little)More tummy timeOhhh! My doggy!Super strong neck workin it out on the BoppyOne arm push-up :)Hey Mom! Look at me!Why is that camera always in my face?Audrey and her friend Silas were trying to sit on the couch like big kids. They were smiling at Priscilla (Silas' mom) because she was laughing so hard :)More slipping....This is how they ended, so funny!


Anonymous said...

AWWWWWW, Audrey is just the most adorable, precious, sweet little baby we have ever seen!! We really enjoyed seeing all her latest pictures tonite! And, also, we had a ball spending the afternoon with you both today! We love you all, sandi/mom/gramma, Nana, Auntie Heidi xoxoxo

kendra said...

it isn't fair that you go to my pool and i am not there. BAH. Audrey and I could hang out while momma swims.

Campbell said...

haha! audrey cracks me up! you gotta love her. (i'm sure you do!)


Sorry about your hair, Audrey. yeah, mine is thinning out too. my uncles make fun of me. they say i'm Mr. Baldy. why can't i be ms. baldy?? i feel your pain, girlfriend. someday we will have the most beautiful hair and they will ALL BE JEALOUS! oh, gotta go now, mom says i'm being over-stimulated by the computer.
love you,