Monday, July 28, 2008

For your viewing pleasure...

Discovering her toys


Kick, kick, kick, kick, KICK!



Anonymous said...

She's my sweetie pie, warms my heart every time I see her. What a blessing she is. I love her to pieces! xoxoxo gramma sandi

kendra said...

what can I say... it was a slow morning. And I love them. And I don't have a cute baby to care for during the day to keep my busy.

meghann said...

so funny!
keep the videos coming!i can't wait to see solid food feedings in a few months....those faces can be so funny!

Grannie said...

Terrific pics and videos of Deve with their little Deva! ;-) Audrey will love them some day, & we already do! Can't wait til your next visit!

Love, Far-Far & Grannie Annie

Grannie said...

P.S. Dena, once your careers as child photographer/cinematographer & interior designer take off, Audrey will be ready for "her close-up" and one baby modeling gig after another. I can't believe how expressive her face is already!
Both our hearts send their love,
Far-Far & Grannie Annie