Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another visit to VA

 At the beginning of August, we took a trip to Williamsburg, VA to visit Steve's dad and stepmom. It was our first trip to see them this summer and our first trip to the beach!! We were in Virginia Beach from late morning until mid afternoon that Saturday and the kids did swimmingly (literally)! Audrey, being a bit more cautious than the average Joe, enjoyed getting in the water a bit which has not happened previous years. The waves were good sized as well so she made sure she was holding someone's hand :) Ezra dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time. He was pretty neutral about the whole thing. He's a man of few words :) Update on him and the helmet situation soon.

 On the way to Far Far and Grannie's. She didn't have a nap at home that day and we left late afternoon so she was done for. 

 Ready to get some sand between those toes

 Sibling squeezes

 I didn't know he was making this face until I saw the picture. He never cried but I guess he wasn't enjoying himself as much as I thought.

 Toes in the Atlantic

 What's so exciting about this ocean or whatever? Ain't no thang

 They recently built a park on the beach, it was awesome and Audrey liked it too :)

 Eyes for Far Far

First time on a big swing

Get me outta here, it's much too sunny!

It's better with Daddy

At one point, Steve put Ezra in their bean bag and realized it's a great seat for E! He's completely supported and can't get out but can still play. We were bummed he discovered this shortly before leaving instead of closer to our arrival but Audrey now has one in her closet (you can view that here) which we use for him every now and then. 


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Dena! The beach looks really nice, the sand looks soft! Audrey and Ezra looked like they had fun. Very sweet pictures of Ezra with Far Far and love the one where Ezra's sticking out his lower lip while you hold him in the sand!
Glad you guys had such a fun time!
love yas, gramma xoxo

Em said...

the almost crying face on the beach is hi-larious!