Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our boy's room: simple and sweet

Several people have told me the second time around having a baby is much different than the first and it has been in so many ways. I feel like the time has gone so much faster because we've been busy with the little one we already have. And it's been helpful to be pregnant through the holidays which makes the time go extra fast. With that being said, the prep for Ezra's room has been totally different than when we did Audrey's room. I think hers was complete months before her birth. E's on the other hand was just finished yesterday, 3ish weeks before his arrival.
His room used to be our guest room. We very rarely had guests so we sold our queen guest bed to friends of ours. It had also become a holding zone for a lot of garage sale items up until a few months ago. Storage is limited in our house, to say the least, so the closet is the home for all of our Christmas decor, board games, Steve's suit jackets and my wedding dress. So we had to strategically shove all of Ezra's clothes and supplies in there as well. We just have to be careful not to sneeze or else it may all come tumbling out :) But I am pleased with the room. I was going for neutral and clean with having to buy as little as possible. Almost everything except for the shelf above the crib, his name, mobile, bedding and toy box was Audrey's. I hope he likes it!!

Under the crib is a metal bucket holding his toys and his sock dog by Jessica and little wagon from Nat. The yellow duck stuck in the corner is a humidifier. I definitely don't love the rug but we used to have it in the playroom and it "worked" in this room and allowed us not to have to buy another one.

Feeding corner

E hook with his ready-to-wear winter coat from Tiffy. I picked up the little blue stool that opens for storage at a yard sale this Fall. Little wagon from Nat.

View from the glider

His big boy toy box and baseball from Gramma and a homemade sock mockey with tie from our friend Crystal.

Poop station

I think he's well stocked for awhile, what do you think?

Audrey has a pink storage thingy just like this one and we love it so I had to get one for the boy too. It's great because it can hold stuff you just don't have room for and it all hides conveniently behind the door! Also hanging from the doorknob is the sweet diaper bag Steve scored at the Goodwill, retails for around $80 and we got it for $6!!


Linda L said...

It looks very "Boy"......PERFECT !!!! You did a GREAT job.

Adam and Natalie said...

i love that Steve scored that diaper bag for you. Adam would so not go to Goodwill by himself. Room looks great. Maybe you swap the rugs from Audrey's room?

Dr. Madeline Boskey said...

Nice work!


Krystle B. said...

WOW! This is simple and very boyish! I like your style and your blog! Congrats on the new edition! =)

Ps- thank you for stopping by my blog. =)

Krystle B.