Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It's taken me almost a week to finish up this post and to be honest, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures and I can't upload them all so I decided to stop and just post it already:) Anyway, our little princess turned 2 on April 24th!! And she actually had two big celebrations. The weekend before we went to the Greenville Zoo with Steve's mom, sister and her fiance (possibly pictures to come) and the weekend of her birthday, Steve's dad and stepmom came and stayed with us.

We started the day off by getting Audrey a pink doughnut from Dunkin Donuts. We went home for a bit then headed to lunch at Chuck E Cheese. I didn't really know how she would do since we went in February to a friends' party and she hated all the rides. She found the phone that you can talk to Chuck E on and we couldn't pull her away, that's all she wanted to play with. So I just picked her up and put her on a ride, put a token in and it started to move. And she LOVED IT! It would have made for a long couple hours if I had to spend it watching her talk on the phone :) We ate some pizza, met Chuck E personally, then headed home. Big naps followed. We opened presents after that, grilled burgers and had cake. It was a fabulous day! Thanks Grannie and Far Far for making it so special!!

Audrey Lane, I can't even believe you are two already!! I remember the day you came into our lives and they've not been the same since. You bring so much joy to my heart and we thank God each and every day for blessing us with such a beautiful, funny, creative, smart little girl and we pray for many, many more years to come!! We love you sooooooo much!!

Waiting for her doughnut

Far Far trying to give her the doughnut and she decided she didn't want it. What a stinker.

Oh wait, now I want it

Wait, maybe not

I think she enjoyed it

Getting every last bite

Hello, Chuck E? Are you there?

The boys had fun too

Racing with Grannie

First ride I forced her on :)


Cheesin with Chuck E

Cruisin with Stuart

Sunday drive

Hit those sharks!

Ducks with Daddy

High five from Chuck E

Party girls

Ohhh! A princess book!

It's an art easel from Grannie and Far Far!

Far Far got the fun job of assembling

Artist in the works

A loved little girl

Not sure what to think about the cake.

Sugar rush

She wasn't messing around

Who needs a fork?


Alissa said...

such great pics!!! we love chuck to the e to the cheese also. :) and that art easel is so stiking adorable. kaylie got a similar one for Christmas and has a blast with it. i so wish we lived close so our girlies could play!

Jeanie said...

Glad Audrey girl had a great birthday! And glad she enjoyed Chuck-E-Cheese a bit more this time :) Two is such a fun age.