Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Packin 'er up!

As most of you know, we put our house on the market one week ago tomorrow. We thought it would be a piece of cake; pack a couple boxes, clean up a bit and we should be good. Ummmmmmm no. That's not exactly how it went. Two weeks ago, we met with our realtor about what needed to be done before putting the house up. He told us that we didn't have to have all the projects completed to have the house listed, but to do what we could and continue with the projects after the house was officially for sale. That was two Wednesdays ago. He came back the following Tuesday to have us sign the contract and we were well on our way with getting many of the things checked off our To-Do list, which of course included much more than packing "a couple boxes and cleaning up a bit". I've pretty much painted at least one area or touched something up in all of the rooms in the house. Steve's laid flooring, (will post pictures soon) installed new lights in the bathrooms, cleared out the stumps in the backyard and put new flower beds and mulch in the front to name a few. I ended up painting over our bathroom ceiling instead of doing the beadboard. (much easier, faster and cheaper) And we packed, packed and packed some more. I decluttered SO MUCH STUFF! We got a 5'x10' storage unit and packed it to the ceiling! We definitely didn't know we had so much stuff!! We talked a few days after loading the storage unit and besides knowing that our loveseat and oversized chair and ottoman were in there, we really couldn't remember what else was in there! Which got us to thinking, maybe we don't need that stuff at all! So we're contemplating having a yard sale when we end up where we're going to end up.
We are planning on staying in Charlotte, maybe more North, but hopefully closer to the church. We do have our eye on one specific house but have been given wise counsel to not look at it until our house is under contract so we don't fall in love with it. But that's too late. I already love it. So now we wait. And we pray. And we seek the Lord and trust that His will would be done, no matter the outcome. He knows our needs and knows the desires of our hearts and we will wait for His perfect timing. (please feel free to repeat these words back to me if I begin to get anxious or worried about the situation) We are excited for the future and whatever it will hold. We are full of faith and can't wait to see what the Lord will do!

Here's one of probably six piles that we brought to the storage unit

Pretty full!

All packed up! I have such a HANDSOME family!!

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