Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cutest stool on the block

I undertook another new project today, that's 2 this week!! I'm on a roll! Once again, I "stole" my idea from the lovely ladies at Prudent Baby. Audrey has yet to try it out, but I think she's going to brush her teeth extra long tomorrow :)

The stool was a Goodwill find (of course). I got it a few months ago for $.99! And I forgot to take a "before" picture (how dare I!) It was black with random drips of white with scratches all over. Do your best to imagine a not so cute but full of potential little stool.

I took it outside to spray paint it with Ballet Slipper

After a few coats of paint, I brought it in and sanded it to distress it a bit

I put a coat of Mod Podge down

Then went down a cut piece of scrapbook paper and about 5 more layers of Mod Podge and tada!

Hope it withstands (pun intended:) many a tooth brushing

This one's a continuation from the previous post. Audrey sporting her new hair clip.


Mod Podge Amy said...

So cute! That stool is really the cutest.

Adam and Natalie said...

Niiiiiiiccce! This is kind of like a play table I made for the kids. Gotta love Mod Podge! I love the ballet slipper color too. Good job Dena!

The Chaney's said...

Dena, I LOVE it!!!!

Jeanie said...

Soooo cute! My girls have this adorable butterfly stool they've loved and it just broke! They used it every day! If you find another one at goodwill, can you buy it for me and I'll pay you back? And maybe we could get together for a craft day and you can teach me how to make it cute!!

Daniel & Mindy said...

iiii didn't know you had a blog!
how fun :)
and that stool turned out amazingly cute!
AND i'm so glad you liked the alfredo sauce! I've been meaning to respond back to you on facebook and just saw your comment on my page :)
oooh its totally making my mouth water just thinking about it. mmmmmmm.

Daniel & Mindy said...

awww no. i just left you a comment telling you how adorable your stool was and i don't think it went through :(

aaaanyways -- i did NOT know you had a blog! i am adding you to my following list :)

and i'm SO glad you liked the alfredo sauce. oh its divine. mmmm :)

Campbell said...

love. stool. so.

Alissa said...

how are you so incredibly crafty!?!?!?! i LOVE that stool! i want one for myself :)
what are you planning for Audrey's birthday??????