Friday, May 1, 2009


Audrey is changing so quickly each day! I am terrible at keeping a journal of when she learns things so I'm going to try to do more posts about her progress as often as I can remember. She went to the Dr. on Monday for her one year check up. These are her stats:

Weight: 19lbs 9 oz (25%)
Height: 29 1/2 in (50-75%)
Head: 18 in 50-75% (50-75%)

She is not yet standing. She can pull up on her knees but that's as far as she'll go without some help. The Dr. gave her a tall order, she needs to be walking by the time she goes in for her 15 month appointment.
She has been babbling for quite a few months now but hasn't said many actual words. A few months ago she said nigh night 3 times but hasn't said it since that night. And she said baby yesterday! She says mama but I'm not sure she knows what she's saying. She does know when I say "Where's Mama?" she'll look right at me. She knows who Daddy is and Stella. She knows what her blanket is, her cup, nummies (food) cracker, ball, baby, etc. We have also been teaching her to sign language the last few months and it has been very successful! She can sign: bye-bye, more, please, baby and we're working on all done. It has been so helpful to communicate with her easier!

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