Monday, April 27, 2009

One year old

This little girl turned 1 this last Friday! I'm going to keep this post brief, the pictures tell the story. Audrey has and is such an amazing gift from God and we are so thankful He has blessed us with her!

We spent Friday, her actual birthday, picking strawberries at a local strawberry farm with a bunch of friends. We sure had a blast! Audrey was such a sticky mess! We ended our time with a wonderful picnic in the shade. On Saturday, we had some family and friends over for a hot dog cookout. I was prepared for Audrey to be overwhelmed but she did great! She definitely hated her Princess hat (see photos below) and she also did not care for her special cupcake. Oh well, guess we'll stick with green beans :) Happy Birthday Audrey Lane! Can't believe we all made it to a year! I hope we are blessed with many, many more together! We love you Bean!

The birthday sign I made for Audrey

Butterfly cupcakes

The Nilsen Tres

Some of the party people

Sporting a fake smile

What are you looking at?

Get me outta here right now!

I like this gift opening thing!

Flapping her arms in excitement

Trying on her do-rag

She kept pointing at all her gifts, she was very interested in each and every one!

Pointing at the baby in the stroller

Her favorite gift of all, her new baby from her little friend Kate :)

Blowing out the cupcake

Let's give it a try

Both of us trying to get her to eat her cupcake!

I hate this!

I'll give it another try

Remains of a lovely day


Anne said...

I love all the pictures Dena! The ones of her in her birthday crown are so funny! What a sweet girl she is:)

Alissa said...

i love it. priceless pics!! we will see how mine compare this weekend!! :)

Campbell said...

hapi birthday, buddy a! miss you!

buddy e