Monday, November 10, 2008

Cereal and Boone

Yummmm! Audrey started eating cereal for the first time this last Saturday. I wanted to wait until we were home from our two big trips to start her on food. She hasn't really shown any interest in food before the last week or so anyway. She did a lot better than I expected! She kept most of it in and made a few cute sour faces :)
Late Saturday morning, we headed to Boone for the day with Steve's mom, sister and her boyfriend Tim. It was a beautiful but brisk day. The trees on the drive up were gorgeous but once we got to town, most of the leaves were off the trees. We enjoyed walking around downtown Blowing Rock and downtown Boone but headed back home early evening since Audrey was tired from missing her afternoon nap. What a lovely weekend we had as a family!

Ooo, I'm not so sure

I don't know if I like it...

I didn't like that bite!

I'm done eating, Mom. I want to play with the buckle


Bundled in Blowing Rock

Take off this hat! (this one's for you Auntie Amy! Here's a fuss face picture for you :)

Audrey loved drinking out of Daddy's big cup

Fun with Gramma Sandi

Sandi's piece of pizza was bigger than her head!

Gearing up for a walk in Blowing Rock

Yummy caramel apple!


Auntie Amy said...

lol, she still looked cute as a button =) But now I have proof that she actually does get grumpy

Campbell said...

dena you're so cute - i love that apple pic! and i LOVE the sour face! so funny!