Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A summer of leisure

Our summer has been so laid back, it's so wonderful. Audrey is so easy going, if something comes up, I just pack everything up and away we go! She's been on a schedule for 3 weeks or so, I'm still puzzled at her nap schedule. It seems to change each day. I think she's needing to sleep less and less, I'm learning as I go. The first picture is of her sleeping on the floor on her side. She's on the verge of learning to flip over. So close!
She had an eventful week last week. She went swimming for the first time! And then 2 days later, went again! Thursday we went to my friend Priscilla's family's house in Belmont. They had a beautiful home and pool area. Audrey LOVED the water! She kicked and moved her arms, like she knew what she was doing :) She even went in a little floating crab, leaned back and took in some rays! She got to spend time with her friend Silas too. Then on Saturday we went with my friend Kendra to her neighborhood pool. Audrey didn't last long, she was in the pool for about 10 minutes then started to suck her thumb and close her eyes! While she was in the water! Guess it was relaxing.
Sunday night, we had the Lucas' over for dinner with Steve's sister and her boyfriend. I used to work with Matt at my last job. He and his wife Tracie brought along their two boys and they tried to rebuild our tree house in the backyard that was there when we moved in. Pretty funny what they came up with. After dinner, we roasted marshmallows which is always a fun summer thing to do.

Spiked her hair with sunblock
First dip!


meghann said...

what a great little girlie!!!!you forgot to mention that she went under water too!!!!!

Campbell said...

Saw a gal yesterday that i thought for a second was you. now i miss you.