Monday, August 18, 2008

New toy, new friend

Audrey continues to grow and change daily! We are borrowing an exersaucer from the Blackburns and boy was she excited to see it! She loves it! She can barely touch her feet but touches enough so she can bounce a little. It sure is fun to watch her in it and the many expressions she makes. She's also enjoyed discovering Stella, our dog. They are both so interested in each other. Audrey holds her hands out and Stella licks them. I tried to keep them apart but they can't stay away!

Holy Cow! I'm super excited about my new toy! Thanks Auntie Eileen!
What is this awesomeness I see Mom?Kick kick!
Oh! Hi there friend!
Friends for life


The Blackburn Crew said...

I am glad that she likes the excersaucer....but more importantly thanks for serving me and getting it out of girlies closet!

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL!!!! Those are adorable pictures Dena!!! Audrey is soooooo cute!!!! She has such expression in her eyes, she's really going to have quite the personality as she grows!!! :) She's something else!!!! Love her to pieces!!!! gramma sandi xoxo

Anne said...

Dena, thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog! I am really looking forward to more home time when Baby Kate arrives!

I think it's adorable that Stella and Audrey love eachother!

Topher said...

Dena thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog.


Campbell said...

Oh I miss you all. I love the tongue one!! Gotta love baby cheecks!