Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I just got home from the doctor and I'm almost 2 centimeters already! That's a huge improvement from last week, which they said was nothing really, just the cervix thinning a bit. She compared where I was at last week to as small as the hole in a cheerio! Today, it was big enough for the dr. to touch her head!!! Weird! My next appointment is scheduled for next Wednesday, if we make it. I asked about an induction and she said they will wait at least 7-10 days past my due date to induce. Let's hope she comes before that's necessary! My prayer is that she will come out all on her own, in her own timing.
Husband's orders this morning were to walk around the mall, I'm sure he's convinced that is the reason for the progression :) I'll continue with the walks, but I'm going to try and get extra rest as well. Audrey will be here very very soon!!! Yipeeeeeee!


Robin said...

WHOOO go girls!!!'ll happen! Praying for delivery soon and pleasant...well as pleasant as possible!

kendra said...

You are a quick one!
She is gorgeous dena!