Thursday, April 17, 2008

10 days???!!!!

I remember seeing Jeanie's ticker when it hit the single digits and I thought, "wow, I wonder what that is like!" I was close to 100 days then. It's just so crazy that the time has gone by so fast and Audrey's arrival is so near! We have done everything we can think of to get ready. I've read all I think I can read without becoming too fearful of the whole experience.
I went to another appointment yesterday, no dilation yet. I'm planning on taking lots of walks this weekend in hopes that will help move things along. I'm not in any pain, but I've reached some level of discomfort. I can't sit for super long periods of time, my legs get restless and my feet start to swell. Thankfully, I have been sleeping well except for the 3-5 trips to the bathroom each night :) But this is all part of a wonderful process and the end result I know will be so much better than I could ever imagine! Please continue to pray that Steve and I both will continue to be at peace about the whole process, that she will come at the perfect time, no sooner or later, and that the delivery and recovery will go smoothly. I am delivering at the University hospital. We are going to try and borrow a laptop to upload pictures as soon as we can! I'll keep you all posted if an induction date is giving after next week's appointment. Thank you to all who have given us much support, love, care and encouragement! We will be better parents because of your wise words!


LeahHawkins said...

I know! I've been thinking about you everyday!!!!

LeahHawkins said...

I got the rug at our church's pre yard sale... the real sale is tomorrow morning..

Anonymous said...

hey so i was lookin on here and that basket that you have Audrey's toys in.. where did you get that? That is the kind of basket I have been searching EVERYWHERE for to put Ry's toys in. I have had no luck and when I saw that you had one, Im pretty excited to hear where you found it! :)

Her room is super adorable, looks like a perfect Pottery Barn baby girl room, I love it!!!!

Love- Lynds