Friday, September 30, 2011

September recap

Here's September in a nutshell. New tricks, everyday fun, with little commentary. Audrey- 3.5, Ezra- 8 months. Enjoy!

 Tea time for two

 Too much suga' darlin'!

 Gimme a light, woulda?

 Hey doll, this is my poker face




 Pizza crust for the first time. Diggin it

 This is his, "I'm going to be a future UFC fighter, what of it?" face

 Sweet profile

 What's this tasty treat?

 Leafy no goody

 Dinner's over...

 Now for dessert!

 Attempting the crawling stance but usually resorts to the army crawl/drag

 Audrey had her friend Cohen over one day. They built a "cave" but I kept telling them they couldn't put hard stuff on it, only soft stuff. So they walked around the house shouting, "we need more POWER!" which meant more stuff to add to the cave. Notice they snuck in some pencils. Nice and safe to fall on.

 Did you see her I heart hugs tee? She does love hugs. 

 Bath spikes


 I go from here...

 to here in less than a few seconds

 How you like me now?!?!

I got skillz yo!

 See all the pink spots on his forehead? That's from crawling and bumping his head into the coffee table repeatedly


 He slid his bottom underneath the shoe storage 

 Typical morning faces: Drama Queen with her "Rapunzel" hair and Mr. Happy Go Lucky 

 Don't you just LOVE her?!

 I'm sure it won't be long before he attempts to flip out

 Morning cartoons with Cheerios all around

Sleeping while sitting

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I Love, Love, Love all the photos, Dena!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

gramma xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo