Monday, May 23, 2011

Operation: Backyard oasis

 Most understated way to express Steve's relationship with bugs: HATE. He hates bugs. He will not sit outside more than two minutes if it's "buggy". Myself, on the other hand, will endure bugs to a normal degree just to get some fresh air and moderate time in the sun. It's been nice and cool lately but then yesterday, blast. It was 94. And the bugs have made their grand entrance and I'm pretty sure they're here to stay. At least until Septemberish. So, I needed a plan of attack. Literally. I headed to Home Depot last night and got some gear. I so wanted to make these but with canning jars but I knew I'd have to go to Walmart for those and I just didn't want to make that extra trip.
The above picture is of the supplies before I started. I found 4 cute little glass pails with metal handles made by Yankee Candle, which made making the candle holders almost too easy. Along with some tiki torches and bug citronela oil, wire, string, rice and a couple jars I already had, I set things up! I must say, we're diggin our little backyard oasis. It just makes me say awwwwww.

 And I actually got him to sit outside with me!!! Success!!

 Steve thought this picture was hilarious. Me with a lantern head.


Alissa said...

So cute! All we have right now is solar powered lanterns on our deck, I'm gonna have to set something up like you have, to, ya know, keep the bugs away :)

Sharon said...

Lovely shots! Looks so ramonatic and inviting!