Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A long overdue update

As most of you know, we are now a family of 4!! It's still so crazy sometimes to think I am a wife and also a mother of 2!! And here's just a brief summary of the birth:

Went in for a 7AM induction. Got put into a room without a computer so had to be moved, got my IV set up and Pitocin at 9. Epidural shortly there after. Water was broken at 10AM. I asked the nurse and Dr. when they estimated the birth, they both said anywhere from 3-7PM. I told them that I thought I could do better. And I did. I went from 4cm to 10 and ready to push in less than 3 hours. But that sounds too easy, right? Well, those 3 hours were pretty difficult, since he started up so high, he had a long way to go in such a short period of time. And even though I had an epidural, I felt the insane pressure of each contraction. The Dr. came in a little after noon and told me to try to push. After about 5-6 big pushes, Ezra Beckett Nilsen made his grand entrance into the world at 12:52PM! We were all very surprised at his girth, 9lb 3oz!! He was healthy and strong, lifting his head up the first time I held him. Some of you remember the mixed emotions I had about having a boy but God's plans are perfect and He knew exactly what we needed. And I wouldn't trade my boy for anything. He's such a sweet, animated, joyful little thing and my heart is overwhelmed by the love I have for him already.

There have been some adjustments with having two and each day looks different. I'm trying to put Ezra on some type of napping schedule but he doesn't really nap very well. He loves sleeping in his car seat most times but we've gone from him being swaddled and sleeping on his back, to tummy(which included lots of spitting up which resulted in him waking up quite often) and then back to swaddling and on his back. We're trying to not use the paci unless we have to. He spits it out more than it stays in anyway which means a lot of running up and down the stairs but it helps him to relax himself to sleep some of the time. He's been a wonderful sleeper at night the last couple weeks, only waking up once at about 3AM. He has always been and continues to be very easy going(even when he's supposed to be napping, he looks at his ceiling fan or mobile or toys in his crib instead of crying) but will grunt if he needs something :) He's been showing big, toothless smiles since about 5 weeks old. I LOVE going in to get him from his crib and him greeting me with one. It's the best! His 2 month appointment is next week so I'll try to share stats after that.

Some have asked how Audrey's doing with the new family member and she is doing so great! She's been such a huge help with things around the house. She puts her plate in the sink when she's done eating and puts her cup back in the fridge, she can get dressed by herself except for a little help with sleeves and socks, she puts her clothes in the hamper, she'll watch Ezra if I need to run upstairs and get something, etc. She's very independent and plays so well on her own which is very helpful when I need to feed the baby, take a shower, etc. And she's such a joy to be around(most of the time:) She's a typical 2 1/2 year old for sure but she is usually so cheerful, dancing around in her tutu and singing countless sporadic songs but her favorite is The Gospel Song which she knows all the words to. She's a nut and makes me laugh quite often. She has such a compassionate heart and picks up on my mood changes so quickly(yes, I have been known to be moody some days :) and is always concerned if she thinks I'm sad or upset.

With all that being said, we have had A LOT going on these days. Besides the adjustments and busyness that two kids bring, our usual weekly commitments and finding time for friends and family, we've also been working on getting the house ready to sell. Steve's been spending every available moment on the weekends fixing up the outside of the house along with the helps of lots of friends. Our plan is to get it up this weekend, which will be almost exactly one year from when we had it listed before. Spring is almost here, the trees and flowers are blooming and the weather is getting nicer! I know this year is going to fly by so quickly!! I'm so excited to see what our future will hold!! And now, please enjoy the insane amount of pictures :)

New big sister getting her first look at her baby brother

She was so excited to show him her little umbrella :)

Audrey leaning in to kiss his head

Broke out of the swaddle already


Steve wishes he was the patient but is glad he didn't have to be the one to give birth :)

E next to his friend Coco who is 3 months older than him! Look how they compare in size!

This picture is so dear to me. I took it the last night we stayed at the hospital at about 2 in the morning right before I fed him. He looked so sweet and peaceful in the glow of the light.

Bundled and ready to go!

Getting ready to go home!!

Just after arriving home from the hospital.

Look at those cheeks!!

3 days old

3 generations of Nilsen men

First sponge bath

One of the very few Newborn outfits that fit him

Love from Sister

Such a proud big sister

Resting in the doll crib

Red broken blood vessels in both eyes, took over a month for them to disappear

The famous Derelict

Daddy takes a turn at feeding


Big sister takes a turn at feeding

Oh to be this cozy

One of my all time favorites


Less than 2 weeks old and sleeping like a big boy

Sleeping in Audrey's doll sleeping bag

Little Moose

Our precious gift

10 days old, deep in thought


Ready for my close up

So cute in the swaddle

First walk together, Valentine's Day

Snuggling with Daddy in his big boy jammies(3-6m) I think he was 4 weeks here!

First real bath

Holding onto his paci while he sleeps

Smiles at big sister

Big smiles from the big guy

First bath together


Anonymous said...

Love all the new pictures you put up and reading the update! <3 Gramma

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your update and looking at all the pictures! What a sweet little man. Can't wait to meet him still :) Love ya xoxo