Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We were attempting to have Audrey grow out her bangs but if she didn't have a hair clip in, she couldn't see. After multiple mornings of going in to get her and not being able to see her eyes, I figured she'd probably appreciate it if I gave her a little trim. Steve thought we should bring her somewhere to get it cut but I was confident I could do the job!!

Woah! This surfer girl needs a cut!

I don't know why she loves to drink out of the squirt bottle

She looks pretty cute, right?! So grown up!

Thanks Mom!

Bangs with her sassy, new hat from Grannie. They aren't as crooked as they look, just a little disheveled :)


The Chaney's said...

Look at you! Good job, Dena! Loved all of your pictures!

Anne said...

LOVE the bangs, Dena! She is such a little girl now:)