Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, I am officially 28 years old. I can't even believe it! It is truly amazing how fast time goes, especially since having Audrey. But I know that age is only a number, I feel like I'm still 16! :)
Our January has gone by quickly as well, only a few more days before the month is over!

We stayed home New Year's Eve and had a few friends over to visit and play Wii.
Two weekend's ago, we went to Steve's mom's house because his sister Amy was visiting from Virginia. She was able to meet Audrey for the first time! We all stayed the whole weekend. We enjoyed time playing games, eating yummy food and taking a trip to the Pineville Goodwill. For all you Goodwill shoppers, Pineville's is THE VERY BEST!

And what a wonderful birthday present I received, it snowed! I took Audrey outside to experience her first snow! I was told by my family we made news up North! I'm sure it snowed lots of times on my birthday growing up but it was pretty special since we don't get much snow here.

I've been trying to get out more during the week since this cloudy, cold weather tries to bog me down. I've started going to a book/bible study with a friend Thursday mornings which will continue for 12 weeks. It's been so fun to go and to meet new ladies from other churches and areas of Charlotte! And it's given Audrey some time to be away from me :)
Speaking of Audrey, she had her 9 month appointment yesterday. Did I say 9 MONTHS?! It just CAN'T be!!!!!!! :(

Weight: 17lb 3oz (<25%, still a little twerp! Gained almost 2 lbs in the last 3 months)
Height: 27 3/4 in (> 50%, still a long string bean!)
Head: >90% (She's got a big brain ya'll!)

She loves her Dr and played with her stethoscope and badge the whole time we were there. She went through a bit of separation anxiety a month or 2 ago but seems to be over that. She's still attempting to crawl but she's content scooting/army crawling for now. I think our wood floors are slowing her up. She can wave bye-bye and we're working on blowing a kiss. She's also trying to pull up on things which she'll master soon I'm sure. Yikes. The Dr. said her gums on top were swollen so the big top toofers are on their way! She got her first cold last week that we're trying to get rid of, she's been her cheerful self though except for being a little extra sleepy. I better wrap up this post, I'm getting a little carried away. Enjoy the pics!

Audrey with Auntie Amy

Audrey and Auntie Heidi

Auntie times 2

Daddy head-butt

Hello? Is someone in there?

Hey over there!!!

It's about time you come see me!!! Too bad you're stuck in the kitchen, that stinks

Snow bunny

Hi ya!


After a first taste of snow. Not as good as it looks

Red nosy, getting cold out here Ma!

But not too cold to smile!!!

Before we headed inside

Playing with the guitar, not playing the guitar

We look like we know what we're doing though, right?

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