Wednesday, January 7, 2009


As a new year rolls around again, I like to take the time to reflect on the year that's just past and also to the new year and what I can do to "live a better life". I think about what I should do to "improve" myself, how I can feel better, how I can help others, etc. Do those things really matter? Of course they do. But are there other things that I should be focusing on?

We had an amazing message on Holiness this last Sunday. You can listen to it here. One point was that when we feel we have disappointed God and we feel distant from Him, he doesn't love us any less when we "mess up" than he does when we obey Him. I thought this this morning as I was watching The View. I very rarely ever watch TV during the day but I just happened to turn it on today. The ladies were talking about a man who tried to live like Jesus for a whole year. They were discussing whether they'd be able to do it. Each took their turn and made comments. Elizabeth's was the closest to the truth: "No, we can try but we all fall short". Then Whoopi had her turn. I'll paraphrase her thoughts. She said why can't we live like him? He got angry and happy, partied, did nice things for people, I could do that. But what was the ONE thing that she was missing???

SIN. Jesus NEVER SINNED. NEVER, EVER, NOT EVEN ONCE. And even though we may reach a point in our lives when we think we can't get any closer to God and we can't be anymore obedient, WE FALL SHORT because of sin. We can try and try until we die to be just like Jesus, that's the challenge we face each and every day. But we fail. And then we get up and try again. Why? Because we have been saved from our SINS!!!! Even though we continue to sin, God provides the grace to ask for forgiveness and to be washed clean of that sin! What a GLORIOUS SAVIOR WE HAVE IN JESUS!

So, as I write this, how grateful I am of God's sanctifying work in my life! But I am saddened at the same time. And here come's my #1 resolution, the resolution I will always have every January 1st until I die. TO PRAY FOR LOST SOULS. We all go through our days, so concerned about ourselves, what our kids are doing or not doing, what our spouse did or didn't do, happy times, sad times, times of trial. But no matter what, I know that I am God's child. NO MATTER WHAT. He died for ME on the Cross. He paid for MY SINS. I know that. But there are many people in my life that don't. Many people I see each and everyday, walking through this life with no direction, not knowing The Truth. Some are very dear to me, some are perfect strangers. Regardless of their relationship with me, they are all God's creation. And HE wants them to know Him!!!! So when I'm in the check out at the grocery store and there's a little old lady in front of me, I'm going to pray for her. And when I hear a famous rock star fall ill, I'm going to pray for them. And when I think about my nieces at random times during the day, I'm going to pray for them, that they may come to repent of their sins and begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
A new year is a new beginning for lots of people. New diet, new budget, new goals. But each day is a new beginning. And God moves in mysterious ways. Lift those that you love up in prayer. God can do anything, he can forgive anyone. I know, because he forgave me.

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