Friday, December 5, 2008

Chillin on Thanksgivin

Watching the Macy's parade

The 3 of us had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving morning. We all watched the parade together, then the dog show and then football. Later in the afternoon, Steve's sister Heidi and her boyfriend Tim came over and we played Wii. That was a ball! We took videos but I just couldn't bring that much humiliation upon myself! (and sorry Heidi, all the pictures I took of you and Audrey have red eye :( otherwise I would have posted them)
We didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that day because Steve's mom worked in the afternoon. Our big Thanksgiving was held the Saturday after. So on Thanksgiving, we had English muffin pizzas, bean dip and chips and homemade macaroni and cheese. CARBS, CARBS and more carbs! We ended the night by playing Charades and Cranium. There was lots of laughter and tears! We were blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with family!

Crazy hair!

Hi Mommy!

Audrey watched more TV that day than she ever has!

Gramma Sandi and Audrey, making a weird face

Big Cheese!

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Campbell said...

Yay Audrey! now we can play patty-cake when i see you in a few weeks!