Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our trip to California

Our trip to California was awesome! It was such a blessing to us! Steve's dad and his wife flew us out there for an entire week! Without their help, we probably would never have made it out there. We thought it was pretty crazy that Audrey has made it from coast to coast in less than 6 months and it took Steve and me over 27 years! She's quite the traveler!
On vacations, the time seems to go by quickly but our time in California went by slowly which is surprising since our days were so packed with stuff to do! The first day we were there, we drove around downtown LA. It was gorgeous! Palm trees everywhere, beautiful mountains surrounding the city. What wasn't beautiful was the traffic, YIKES! We drove through Beverly Hills and actually had to change a poopy diaper on the trunk of the car. Can we say REDNECKS? On Saturday, we went to Universal Studios, which was a blast! It was the only day that was overcast and chilly which made for shorter lines! We first took a tram that toured the whole park. We saw lots of movie sets which was really cool. We drove through the neighborhood where Desperate Housewives is filmed even though we've never seen that show it was neat to see. We saw lots of special affects as well. The rest of the week was filled by going to a couple shopping centers, Santa Monica beach and pier, Malibu beach and spending time in the pool/hot tub at the condo.
Audrey did amazingly well, especially with the 3 hour time difference. She usually only had one nap a day and was exhausted by 5PM, which is 8 our time. She barely fussed while we were out, she even took a 2 hour nap in her stroller at Universal Studios! That's my girl!
We really had the best time! We have so many wonderful memories from the trip that we'll cherish!

This was taken the 1st morning there, Audrey woke at 4:30AM so I was able to catch the sun rise from the back patio
Downtown LA
Driving to Beverly Hills

Frank surprised us when getting off the elevator. Steve wanted to get a picture of us together but Frank started stepping off the elevator. We walked together for a couple minutes which seemed like a long time with a giant strange man. When I turned to get away, he leaned over to hug me and I took off! He grunted and moved to his next victim.

Steve and I went to a 4-D Shrek movie, it was awesome!

See the resemblance?
Steve and his dad trying to be hulk-like
Universal Studios globe

We found this Rugrats doll that looked just like Audrey. We had to buy him! His name is Todd McNulty. He's her new best friend. (Or long lost twin)
I wanted to look like Barbie
The carousel on the Santa Monica Pier
The Pier
Fashion show
The 3 of us on the Pier
Chillin in Malibu Beach
Steve by the surfboards
Trying to take a dip in the Pacific, the waves were so strong!
Malibu shopping area. We went into a kid's store that had a little girl's belt for $156! INSANE
And we're spent. On our way home


Campbell said...

I adore that pic of you two trying to dip! and steve and his dad got a snicker out of me. miss you all!

E + e

Anne said...

Dena, the whole trip looks like so much fun! One of these days maybe I will make it out to California:)